Behind the Sticks | Episode 20: The Story Behind Our Good Vibes Mascara

We always knew that we needed a mascara to truly complete our Essential 8 makeup routine. It was the missing piece of our 5 minute face routine! We really wanted to get it right. Since all trèStiQue products have a multifunctional, 2-in-1 design (formula + makeup tool), we had to brainstorm how we could innovate on the design of our mascara's packaging component. And so the Good Vibes Mascara + Half-Curler was born! 

 Mascara with curler

A lot of love and work went into this product. Creating a mascara was a HUGE deal for us; we spent about 3 years developing and perfecting it before bringing it to you guys! We worked super closely with our packaging engineers to get the packaging just right.

With this product, we designed a lash curler that's built right in to the cap of the mascara! We made our lash curler smaller than your typical, bulky curler so it allows you to maneuver it around much more easily! Our lash curler is long enough to fit about half your lashes at once, making it a half-lash curler. The half-lash curler we designed lets you curl every single one of your lashes (even the tiny ones!). Also, this half curler fits any eye shape - something a regular full-size curler has trouble doing, and the little window allows you to see exactly what lashes you're curling. I love using the curler before to give your lashes an extra lift.

And then of course, you have the mascara + brush on the inside! I wore lash extensions for about 10 years and after creating this mascara, I never went back to them again. The mascara brush has a hourglass shape, which is designed to easily grab each individual lash and deposit the mascara. The vegan + cruelty-free mascara formula itself is made from 84% natural ingredients and has been proven to lengthen and volumize your lashes. Before launching our mascara, we put it through consumer testing to make sure it would be a hit. In these tests, after one application of our mascara, 100% of women testing the mascara + curler said lashes looked longer and visibly lifted. They also observed a 100% lengthening effect and 100% volumizing effect on their lashes after using our mascara. Our mascara was also proven to give your lashes an increase in curve up to 186% ! For me, the BEST part about the mascara is that it's soooo easy to remove but also doesn't smudge or flake all day!

And that's the story of our Good Vibes Mascara! What do you want to hear about in our next BTS episode? Let us know in the comments below! Don't forget to subscribe to our email newsletters for more BTS content! 



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