Hi, We’re trèStiQue!

When we think about what we stand for, a few things come to mind: Smart Beauty, Simplicity, Authenticity and Empowerment. Want to us to elaborate? Gladly! Like our makeup, it’s pretty straight-forward:

Smart Beauty

Our main goal is to offer innovative, high-performance, super efficient, convenient, functional products and routines that are customized to you. No one person leads the same day-to-day lifestyle, which is why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all makeup. No matter what set you’re building, whatever your makeup needs are, rest assured with treStique you’ll get exactly what you want. 




Our approach to doing your makeup is simple. From the formula, to the application (built-in tools!), to the bag you carry it all in – we offer everything you need and nothing you don’t, so you can save time on applying your makeup whenever you want. Whether you’re looking for new everyday makeup, or the perfect touch-up on the go, we can help find out which routine is right for you.


trèStique was created with real beauty standards in mind. In other words, we embrace natural beauty. We are a community of like-minded women with a lot of heart for what we do. In turn, our products and routines are genuine, thoughtful and based on our everyday experiences. 


As a female co-founded company, we value women’s empowerment. Not only do we aim to inspire you to reclaim your relationship with makeup and save time everyday, but we also help provide solutions for women in need through various philanthropic commitments.

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