Behind the Sticks | Episode 9: Keeping Positive While Social Distancing

With everything that’s going on right now regarding COVID-19, I wanted to take a minute to share with you all the positive things that I have personally noticed happening during this time. By sharing these expressions of positivity, I hope that you’ll feel inspired and a little more optimistic while staying at home.

  • One of the positive things I’ve seen coming from this situation is the humor being shared on social media to keep everyone spirits up. There are so many funny jokes and memes we can all relate to since we are all in the same situation. It’s been a great source of light-hearted entertainment, which we all need right now! It’s great to have these jokes to make us feel a little less alone.

  • Another positive trend I’ve seen is the #challengeaccepted social media challenge, where you post a selfie and tag 10 women who inspire you! It’s a wonderful way to share and promote the people you love to make them feel good. Women uplifting other women is a powerful thing and I’m always here to support it in whatever way I can :). 

  • As a fitness lover, it’s been so great to see workouts and meditations being streamed live on social media. I love how it’s accessible to everyone and is building a positive community even though we are all apart. It’s such an enjoyable activity to keep us busy and release endorphins! I even got my husband to enroll at AKT to take some online dance classes together. I love having the chance to do fun activities to get us to connect as a couple and spend time together.

  • Something that makes me so happy to see is how the community is coming together to support and help each other out. At trèStiQue, we are donating to No Kid Hungry, which is an organization that speaks to me as a mother of two young children. No Kid Hungry provides nutritious meals to children who need them. My family has also personally donated to Mels NYC, who provides food to healthcare workers, which is so important right now. We’ve also donated to Mask Force as they are donating masks to midwives who are on the frontlines delivering babies. To support my hometown, we have also donated to CAST, which is a local organization that donates food to families on the North Fork.

  • Though things are scary right now, I’m glad I have the time to call and video chat with family members and friends I didn’t get to connect with regularly before. Having these virtual happy hours and get-togethers have been a special way to spend time with family and friends. As someone who used to not enjoy talking on the phone, I’m really appreciating the opportunities I get to speak with friends and family. It’s especially nice to see them on Zoom video calls to get some face-to-face interaction! I'm so grateful for the time I now have to plan calls with friends I normally wouldn't have time to reach out to. Since everyone is home, our schedules are lining up and it's been wonderful to connect.

  • During this period, I’ve seen everyone taking the time to be grateful for their health and their family’s well being. It’s moments like this that truly make us feel grateful for things like family, food, health and having a job to support us. I know I am so thankful for what we have and I have been taking the time to express gratitude whenever I can.


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