Behind the Sticks | Episode 21: Meet Our New Bag From Our FIRST EVER Collab With @CupcakeShannon

Hey there, it’s @Cupcakeshannon here! For this episode of our Behind The Sticks series, I wanted to give you guys a behind the scenes look at how our newly launched trèStiQue X @Cupcakeshannon Deluxe Tie Dye Le Pak came to be. For those who don't know me yet, here's a little bit about me:

    • I’m a mom to 2 beautiful kids and the cutest little fluffy dog
    • I’m the morning radio show host of Mojo In The Morning (based out of Detroit!)
    • I'm always on the go, like….always
    • I don’t consider myself to be an influencer - I’m just a normal woman! 


When I discovered trèStiQue, I was so excited; it’s a brand made for people like me who don’t know all that much about makeup and don't want to spend a ton of money on confusing, unnecessary makeup products! trèStiQue has been such a lifesaver since I’m always on the move - having the 2-in-1 makeup products make it so easy to do my makeup in 5 minutes, whether it be in the car or at home. On top of that, their makeup bags are so well-designed! The bag is designed to let you view all your makeup products at once, so no more digging through a messy makeup bag. Also, all their bags weigh less than 0.5 pound with makeup inside and come complete with a built-in mirror. SO smart!

Speaking of our bags, I am so excited to show you their newest bag that I helped design + develop!  It is my very first collaboration EVER, and it's also trèStiQue's very first collaboration ever – So, this is a BIG occasion! When I was going through the design process, I loved the idea of doing a tie dye pattern. It’s one of my favorite patterns ever, plus it’s such a cool, trendy pattern right now. We went with the blue color since it looked so good with the tie dye pattern and it also happens to be trèStiQue’s signature color! I wanted this bag to be made in their deluxe size, so you could fit your entire Essential 8 makeup routine AND because the deluxe size has an expandable loop you can use to hang the bag or as a strap to hold the bag while doing your makeup!

Since this bag is part of trèStiQue’s Clean Ocean Collection, it’s made from one plastic bottle, so you know you’re doing something great for the environment when you purchase a bag! You can purchase our bag with your Essential 8 (or Essential Mix). You can also now build your Essential 8 makeup routine with my favorites shades and products! The Essential 8 is the BEST thing to have for my non-stop schedule. I can throw it in my bag and touch up as needed throughout the day.



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