Behind the Sticks | Episode 8: The Inspiration Behind Our Essential 8 Makeup Kit and Le Pak Makeup Bag

I wanted to take you guys on a trip to show you the farm I grew up on and where I got the inspiration for our Essential 8 makeup kit and our Le Pak makeup bag!

One of the biggest inspirations behind our Essential 8 makeup kit, were the hardworking women who surrounded me while I was growing up on my family’s farm.

The lifestyle of these women were farm-oriented. They woke up early and then worked hard all day! Waking up early in the morning, meant they didn't have much time to spend on makeup, but they still wanted to look put together. Their makeup style was very minimal and natural, but it also had to be high performance and last throughout the day, since a lot of their work was physically demanding.

Observing the makeup routines of these women made me think about makeup from a different perspective and changed how I used makeup products.

I knew there had to be a way that makeup could be more functional, high-performance, and easy to use - thus the Essential 8 makeup set was born! I created this simple, hardworking makeup kit, so busy, hard working women (like the ones who inspired me) can easily apply their complete makeup look in 5 minutes and still look like themselves. This makeup set has everything you need from complexion to eye to lip and come with built-in applicators for a quick, flawless application.

As I got older, I also began to work as a makeup artist at Saks Fifth Avenue, while still helping on my family’s farm.

What really blew my mind while working there was that the women who came in to Saks were interested in the same style of makeup that the women who worked on the farm wore; natural, but put together. These women were on-the-go, either traveling to the beach or out to the Hamptons for the weekend. I loved learning about their everyday habits and routines, so I could create the perfect makeup look for them. While I was working at Saks, I wanted to come up with a solution for how makeup could be carried and stored in a functional way. This eventually led to the creation of our Le Pak makeup bag!

I wanted to create a makeup case that is travel-friendly and accessible.

With our makeup bag and Essential 8 makeup set, you can easily view your makeup products, without digging through a heavy makeup bag. All our makeup bags include a built-in mirror so you can apply your cosmetics wherever you choose. Not to mention it fits in the palm of your hand and weighs less than 0.5 pound (with makeup inside!) Today our Le Pak makeup bag family has grown to include our Navy Croc makeup case. This particular makeup case comes with a removable strap that can be closed as a loop or extended to hold your mirror open for one-handed application. I’m so excited to see our makeup bag family grow and continue to innovate.

Having this unique background of being surrounded by hard working, on-the-go women, truly gave me a different perspective on my relationship with makeup. I had a window into real women and what they wanted. Looking back, this really influenced the format of trèStiQue: the sticks, the tools, the makeup bag…and of course the makeup routine!

Let us know what you love about your Essential 8, we want to hear from you! Send us your comments below :)



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