Behind The Sticks | Episode 11: The New Normal for Moms

This past few weeks have been a challenging time for everyone. The news changes daily and anxiety levels continue to rise. None of us know for certain what our new normal will be and for mothers who have children at home, this has been a particularly hard time. As we continue to stay indoors and work from home all while taking care of kids, it's important to find time to do things we love and get through it together. Here are some moms we love and admire and what their new normal looks like:

Jenn Kapahi, Co-Founder of trèStiQue


We’ve been trying to establish a “new normal” for our family. Everyday, we try to rediscover something around the house that we haven't seen or played with in a while. One week, it was the summer pool floats! We blew them up and placed them around the living room. We let the kids’ imaginations run and played “pretend” games with them - swimming and fort building included. One day, Romi even took a nap in a pool float!


Kellie Nasser, Finding Beauty Mom


Over here, we are really loving chalk art! It keeps the kids busy for a good amount of time and lets them have fresh air and outdoor time. Sometimes we focus on a shape of the day to get some learning in. I love that both my 4 year old and 6 year old can enjoy it together, while still learning!


Marta Cros, Founder of Apto Skincare 


My family and I were on holiday in the Dominican Republic when the spread of the virus began in New York, and we made the decision to stay and quarantine here. Although I am grateful about our health and access to outdoor space and warm weather, it is quite nerve-wracking to be in a different country at a time like this with 2 little ones and my elderly parents! What helps me keep my cool is to track a few repetitive things every day that help me feel good. They are very simple: eat 1 piece of fruit; do 50 crunches; stretch for 30 minutes before going to bed. If I feel good, I can help everyone around me and I have a small sense of control of our situation.


Patrice Poltzer, Creative Producer


The one thing we do at our household is have “no screens” until after lunch and clean up. I find that if they can go from 7am - 1pm to learn, be creative, read, etc., then they get rewarded with their iPads. They also have been helping with clean up, which is huge. It’s been 5 weeks since we started social distancing and they’ve learned that if they do their morning routines and help clean up, they will get rewarded with screen time. It makes for a much more calm start to the day. Another great thing is me and my husband are such a team! I wouldn’t be able to work and would lose my sanity if it wasn’t for my husband. Our communication, willingness to be accommodating for each other's work needs and him being in my corner has helped so much. Finally, each night we go around the table and say the best thing that happened that day and the funniest or weirdest thing about the day. Even my 3 1/2 year old loves it and THEY now remind us if we haven't done it at night!


Emily Horn, Senior Director, Social Media & Partnerships at trèStiQue

My son's learning apps have been my savior! This has been a great way for us to "work" side by side. Zac (my 3 year old) sits next to me with the iPad and he does his math/letters/spanish, while I get to catch up on work. It gives me a break I definitely need, but I feel good that he is learning and he likes that he is "going to work with me". 

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