Behind the Sticks | Episode 17: trèStiQue Team Shares Their Skincare #Shelfie Must-Haves

For this week’s BTS, we asked the trèStiQue team to show off their #shelfies featuring their summer skincare routines! As beauty junkies, we’re equally obsessed with skincare so we’ve rounded up our go-to skincare products we've been using during quarantine. Read on for an inside scoop on the team’s skincare routines. Then, share with us your shelfie on Instagram using the hashtag #trestiqueshelfie for a chance to win your favorite trèStiQue product! Giveaway ends Monday, July 20th, so be sure to enter!


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Jenn, Co-Founder

“Starting with my routine in the shower, I tend to rotate shampoos. Right now, I’m really into the brand Klorane, I’ve been using their Papyrus Milk collection for everyday haircare and their Chamomile collections for my highlights. Just for the ends of my hair I use this Briogeo hair mask. Sometimes I switch out shampoos and use Naturopathica’s Grapefruit & Fir Shampoo, it smells so good and feels like you’re at a spa.

For in-shower skincare, I use Naturopathica’s Sweet Cherry Brightening Enzyme Peel one a week as a treat. I leave it on while I wash my hair. My everyday go-to cleanser is the Indie Lee Purifying Face Wash and once in a blue moon I’ll use the Joanna Vargas Exfoliating Mask to polish and refine my skin.

My everyday skincare essentials are the May Lindstrom Youth Dew (such a unique product) and the Naturopathica Oat Cleansing Facial Polish. My go-to nighttime products are the Biologique Recherche Serum PIGM 400 and the Naturopathica Bio-Energy Lift Serum. During this time my skin’s been so stressed out, so I’ve been using the Belli Beauty Acne Spot Treatment for breakouts and ila Face Oil For Glowing Radiance for my dry skin. Once in a while I like to use May Lindstrom’s Pendulum Potion cleansing oil. It smells amazing. Then, once a week, I also like to use their Problem Solver mask. You activate it with water and it turns into a clay mask. My deodorant is Native’s Lavender & Rose formula. It’s paraben and aluminium free.


For treatments, I use these products when I need a little extra care:


My new favorite products are Dr. Hauschka’s Quince Hydrating Body Milk and Blackthorn Toning Body Oil (the toning oil was a lifesaver when I was pregnant!) and the Osea Anti-Aging Body Balm (SO good for dry skin).

My go-to bath products are Naturopathica’s Bath Flakes. They smell like peppermint! EO Essential Oils Bubble Bath is great for full body muscle aches and Naturopathica’s Bath & Body Oil is so soothing for neck and shoulder aches. When I have dry skin, I love to use Trillium Organics Body Polish. Since I can’t get pedicures, I love using this to exfoliate my feet!”

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Amy, Marketing

“I start with a basic, straightforward cleanser that leans more towards nourishing than stripping (gel-cream textures are great for this). Recently I’ve been using Au. Articles Spring/Summer Facial Cleanser. It’s great at removing makeup, while still keeping my natural face oils intact. I then follow with Glossier Solution (night time only!) to remove any dead skin and clear out my pores after abusing them with makeup all day haha. I love how gentle the formula is, but still is a quality exfoliant. 

Rosehip oil is my secret weapon, a true workhorse ingredient! Since I’ve been using it, it's cleared up my acne scars, healed my cystic acne and given my skin a natural dewy finish that I used to only dream about. I use the cheapest, pure formula I can find, which right now is The Ordinary 100% Organic Cold-Pressed Rose Hip Seed Oil. On day’s where my skin needs some help and I want to feel a little fancy, I use La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Dry Oil instead of rosehip oil. It’s a weightless oil that does the absolute most. It calms, soothes, protects and binds moisture to your skin like nothing I’ve tried before. For extra hydration, I’ve been using the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness Sensitive Skin Moisturizer. This moisturizer has a cool gel-like texture and has colloidal oatmeal to calm my red areas. I’m not loyal to a moisturizer so if you have any recommendations, let me know in the comments! SPF is always a must! Glossier Invisible Shield is my go-to daily sunscreen. I’m obsessed with it’s serum-like formula and works as a great base for my makeup.

I love love love Nécessaire’s Deodorant. I’ve been on a hunt to find the perfect natural deodorant and this may be the end of my search! It completely neutralizes odor all day, which I’ve never found in another natural deodorant (trust me I’ve tried a lot) and in the summer is essential! I finish off with my Nue Co. Functional Fragrance. Featuring a smoky, green scent that smells like the earth before a thunderstorm in the best way possible, this fragrance is supposed to reduce stress (and it actually does!). I can’t forget my trèStiQue Brow Pencil! Even when not wearing makeup, I love having my brows fluffy and defined. Some other honorable mentions I had to include: Lord Jones CBD Body Lotion, Diorskin Forever & Ever Wear, Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray and Matte Waves Texture Lotion.”

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Chiara, Marketing

I’ve been getting a lot of skincare recommendations from TikTok (haha) and I ended up purchasing the Cerave Resurfacing Retinol Serum. I really like it so far! It’s a great intro product to retinol if you’re looking to try it but don’t know where to start. I occasionally use The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution as a powerful exfoliating mask to improve skin texture. I also love their Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution, which is a much more mild exfoliating solution for daily use. For hydration, I’ve been using Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer for 24-hour hydration. I can’t forget my trèStiQue Brow Pencil, a true lifesaver!

Recently I’ve been obsessed with Vitamin C serum, I’ve collected several! My favorite are:

skincare products

Tara, E-Commerce + Customer Experience

“In the morning I use Lancome Mousse Clarte Self-Foaming Mousse Cleanser to wash my face. Then I apply a moisturizer from Clinique to stay hydrated throughout the day. In the evening I love the Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes to take off all my makeup. For my eye makeup, I find the Lancome Bi-Facil Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover takes off my makeup so easily and is super gentle.


When it comes to the rest of my night routine, I love Mario Basescu’s products. I put on their Vitamin C Serum and then layer a heavier night cream on top of it (I use their Seaweed Night Cream). From time to time, I’ll switch out and use a firming cream instead, this one from Lancome is so good. When it comes to acne, I'm obsessed with their Drying Lotion, it clears up spots so quickly.”


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Skylar, Social + Partnerships

“I gotta get all the yuck of the day off, so I start my skincare routine with a cleanser. I use Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. For the next step, I go in with a cotton pad and Glossier Solution (my absolute favorite) for clearing off dead skin. Weleda Skin Food is my go-to moisturizer. It gives me plump skin without the greasy feeling. Glossier Bubblewrap for the under eyes and on the lips for a lil plumping. I finish off my routine with Herbivore’s Cannabis Sativa Glow Oil as the cherry on top. I’m a simple gal for the everyday skincare routine. If I’m feeling extra, I’ll use the Julep Night Shift Mask after exfoliating!”

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Emily, Social + Partnerships

“My #shelfie is mainly made up of Bioderma product, their products are so good for sensitive skin. I use the Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water makeup remover to take off my makeup from the day. I follow with their Hydrabio Serum to smooth and hydrate the skin, and then finish with the Hydrabio Cream to lock in moisture. I use 2 different eye creams; Belif’s Moisturizing Eye Bomb for day and Rodan + Fields Active Hydration Bright Eye Complex for night! 


My favorite deodorant is from Type A, it’s unfragranced, non-toxic and also long-lasting! Last but not least, I had to include my two favorite trèStiQue products: our Brow Pencil and Mascara!”

Let us know what your favorite skincare products are in the comments below! Make sure to enter our #trestiqueshelfie giveaway for a chance to win your favorite trèStiQue product! Giveaway ends Monday, July 20th. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you can stay updated on future BTS episodes.



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