Behind the Sticks | Episode 7: Women We Love - A Women’s History Month Special!

In continuation of our celebration of Women's History Month, I wanted to highlight some powerful women who have inspired me on my entrepreneurship journey and share them with you all!

  •  Sarah Kugelman, founder of Skyn Iceland - I had met Sarah when I launched trèStiQue and her success story truly inspired and motivated me. She was the first person I really talked to about business growth, running a self-funded brand and day-to-day start up challenges. Sarah guided me through many hurdles and kept me grounded with her calm demeanor. I am constantly amazed by how far she came as a brand founder and all the obstacles she has overcome with her brand and life! Now four years after starting a self-funded beauty brand, I am even more in awe of how she led her brand to such success without a co-founder! My fave product by Skyn Iceland are the Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels!


    • Anna Kaiser, founder of AKT - Anna is a mom, business owner, wife, and fitness guru aka a super boss lady! My fitness obsession is AKT Studios and I am completely obsessed with their classes. Fitness for me has always been my #1 priority outside of work and family, and when I found AKT in East Hampton after having my first son, I was overjoyed! Anna is one of the sweetest women I’ve met and every time I see her Instagram stories, I am inspired to ‘DO MORE’ during my busy day. Anna is always working out and traveling - I don’t know how she manages to do it all, but I am so inspired by her energy and passion! My favorite workout is their Bands class!

      • Samantha Steen, founder of Cami NYC - My OG girl boss friend! We met at SLT in Soho around the time that I quit my job at Revlon and I instantly loved her vibe. She founded, funded and started an amazing brand of silk camisoles that I wear non-stop. She has now launched another brand called inREVERSE, which is reversible silk athleisure wear, and not to mention, she is also the mom of 2 girls! It's so cool to see her brand grow so much, and now I can buy it everywhere (even at my fav online shop, Net-A-Porter!)

      • Gretchen Maull, founder and designer of GG Maull - We both have shared experience of starting at larger corporations and have now both launched our own brands (also her products are multifunctional as well!). Gretchen is such a positive team player and the ultimate female supporter. She has always included trèStiQue in her pop-ups and trunk shows. We’ve always been able to bond over our small business and now we can bond over her joining the mom club! My favorite bag of theirs is the Rebel Belt Bag!


        • Zaria Forman, artist and painter- Zaria and I went to art school together. I am so amazed by this beautiful soul and she is hands down one of the most talented artists I’ve ever met. Her work is inspired by global warming, and she travels to locations that are affected directly by climate change and documents them through her artwork. Zaria lights up every room she walks into with her laugh and her smile. I am so impressed that she was able to take her art and combine it with her business sense. She now has a huge following and today, she is repped by Winston Wachter Fine Art, a major gallery!


          • Kellie Nasser, creator of @finding_beauty_mom - I met Kellie years ago when we both worked at Revlon, I was in Product Development at the time and she was on the Marketing team. Everyone at Revlon loved Kellie because she was so positive, smart, hardworking and such a team player! When I started trèStiQue, Kellie was one of my biggest fans and supporters and we even used her in some of our campaigns! Now, Kellie has become a full-time blogger and I'm SO impressed with how far she has come In her journey. Her followers are engaged and loyal and she has created a great platform to share fashion, beauty and motherhood!  


          • Marissa Vosper, co-founder of Negative - Marissa is my best and first mom friends that I met when I had just become a new mom! She has such a gentle, calming personality and I loved connecting with her over motherhood but also over creating our own brands. We always can relate to each other on how we balance our work and family time. I like to share my challenges with her because she is so understanding and often has gone through a similar thing! It’s amazing to see how far she has come and I now wear her Sieve Non-Wire Bra almost every day!

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