A Makeup Solution for Your Active Lifestyle

When we think about what we stand for and why we’re a makeup solution for your active lifestyle, five things come to mind: Customization, Mess-Free Makeup, A Simple Routine, Lightweight + Travel Friendly, and For Your Lifestyle.


Want to know what we mean by that? Like our makeup and cosmetics, it’s pretty simple:

Customization is essential.

No one person leads the same day-to-day lifestyle, so we don’t think your makeup should be one size fits all. No matter what makeup set you’re building on trestique.com, whatever your makeup needs are, rest assured it’ll be exactly what you want... not what we think you want. That’s the beauty of customizing your own makeup set our website—you get to customize and curate the shades, beauty products and number of things you want.

Messy makeup products are so yesterday.

That’s why every single trèStiQue essential was built to avoid, you guessed it: mess. Each 2-in-1 full size beauty product comes with makeup on one end and an applicator (or extra makeup!) built-in to the other end—everything you need to use and apply your makeup, no need to go grabbing for extras. The crayons seal with a magnetic cap, meaning they don’t open unless you’re using them. And the products themselves are also shaped like crayons so you can draw them directly onto your skin—no need to use your fingers if you don’t want to. And best of all? The applicators that are built-in to the crayons are removable, so take them off whenever you need to clean them, and twist them back on when you’re ready to use it again—easy!

Simplicity is key.

When it comes to our makeup routine, we want something that is simple. Each of our routines are easy to do, quick to finish, and still offers the results you love. Whether you’re looking for a new everyday routine, or the perfect touch-up on the go—want to find out which routine is right for you? Take our makeup routine quiz!

Where are you headed next?

Every single trèStiQue product is TSA-friendly and even the Essential 8, our most complete routine, weighs less than half a pound. We know that your makeup needs to go with you wherever you do, whether you’re in the car picking up your kiddos from school or you’re boarding a flight to your next adventure—make sure to pack your trèStiQue in your suitcase and in your purse!


What’s your lifestyle?

At the end of the day, makeup needs to work for whatever lifestyle you lead. Whether you’re balancing parenthood and the million other things you do every day , traveling the world and living out of one suitcase, or jumping from one meeting to the next trying to grow your career—just know that this makeup is going to work for you, not against you.

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