An Interview with Abby Dubois, Founder & Creative Director of EACH Jewels

It's International Women's Day! Here at tréStiQue, we are so inspired by all women, from business owners to mothers to go-getters. In honor of today, we are spotlighting female entrepreneurs who inspire us with their intelligence, tenacity & creativity: meet Abby Dubois, Founder & Creative Director of EACH Jewels.



Read her interview below on what it takes to be a female entrepreneur & her advice for the new generation of female innovators and business owners!


tréStiQue: What is one of your proudest accomplishments in your career?

Abby: It's definitely a tie between getting into this Spring's FabFitFun Box, and getting into Nordstrom. I worked at Nordstrom in high school, so it was the ultimate full circle moment.


tréStiQue: Is there an example from your career where you learned how to fix a mistake, overcome a hurdle or pivot to turn it something that was challenging into a positive experience?

Abby: Yes. I feel like these are such regular occurrences when you're a first time founder. One specific example that comes to mind is outgrowing our New York manufacturing partners. In order to meet the needs of larger retailers, we realized that our small but mighty team on 47th street, did not have the right machinery, let alone space to accommodate thousands of units. We leaned into our connections in the diamond district to get introduced to a wonderful factory in Rhode Island. Now we split our production according to size, and channel, and it's been absolutely fantastic to create even more jobs here in the U.S., and to build EACH to such an immense scale.


tréStiQue: Is there a woman that has been a mentor or inspiration to you throughout your career?

Abby: I am so lucky to say that I have met and worked with so many amazing and inspiring women throughout my career. Specifically it's a tie between Natalie Mackey, the Founder and CEO of Winky Lux, and Amy McDowell, the VP of Growth at Proper. Both of whom sit on the EACH Jewels executive board. They have both been absolutely integral to our success and growth. Natalie has shared her experiences with the early days of Winky Lux, and being scrappy to get into new retailers. She's highlighted channels and founder life hacks that have opened up revenue streams for EACH that I previously didn't know where possible. Amy is an absolute customer acquisition genius. She has helped us immensely in figuring out the right strategy for both wholesale and D2C growth, that play off of each other, and have the right mix of telling our brand story and generating significant revenue. These two women have and continue to be absolutely vital to EACH's continued growth and success, and I feel SO lucky to have to have such incredible advisors in my corner.


tréStiQue: Are there any female-focused charity that you personally support? 

Abby: I continue to support Girl Scouts year after year. I was a Girl Scout as a child, and was the highest selling Girl Scout in my troop! At the time, Girl Scouts taught me the confidence to talk to adults and communicate my beliefs, which at the time it was in cookie distribution. It also taught me the importance of having a strong community of supportive women of all ages. Being part of an organization that works towards a common set of goals, where everyone brings something unique to the table, teaches girls important life lessons from a young age. I am a firm believer in continuing the Girl Scouts legacy and imparting practical wisdom to the next generation.


tréStiQue: Do you have advice for young women getting started in their career?

Abby: Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I actually have this engraved on a necklace that I made for myself in the second year of my career out of college. When you're young and the world is your oyster, I truly believe in taking the time to find your calling and pursue something you are passionate about. Even if things don't seem like the right move at the time, you never know when an experience or can benefit you later on. When you're young, it's the time to be adventurous and try new things.


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