An Interview with Abigail Stone, Founder & CEO of Otherland

It's International Women's Day! Here at tréStiQue, we are so inspired by all women, from business owners to mothers to go-getters. In honor of today, we are spotlighting female entrepreneurs who inspire us with their intelligence, tenacity & creativity: meet Abigail Stone, Founder & CEO of Otherland.



Read her interview below on what it takes to be a female entrepreneur & her advice for the new generation of female innovators and business owners!


tréStiQue: What is one of your proudest accomplishments in your career?

Abigail: Our Sephora launch has been a major moment for us! It represents recognition of the growth of our brand over the last three years and all the hard world our team has put into developing the brand, building the business, and connecting with customers all over the country to create our community. To be a part of the offering at Sephorathe beauty destination of my dreams!is a major milestone for our team.


tréStiQue: Is there an example from your career where you learned how to fix a mistake, overcome a hurdle or pivot to turn it something that was challenging into a positive experience?

Abigail: When it comes to mistakes, the key is to learn from the process and have a growth mindset. Early in my career, after my first job turned out to be the opposite of what I’d expected, finding the confidence to move on and try something totally new was daunting. I had always dreamed of starting my own company, but the startup world felt totally foreign and inaccessible to me. Then I discovered the world of podcasts, and I listened to every single one about startups, soaking up the wisdom of my peers and slowly—but confidently—entering a world that was completely new to me. Finding that insight and, ultimately, the confidence to get involved in a world that I first thought was completely inaccessible to me is a hurdle I’m proud to have overcome. 


tréStiQue: Is there a woman that has been a mentor or inspiration to you throughout your career?

Abigail: Nadia Boujarwah and Lydia Gilbert from Dia&Co have been wonderful mentors to me. They’re two tough-as-nails female founders who have been through the ups and downs of building a business. I’m grateful to have them as both mentors and investors in Otherland that I can turn to for advice. 


tréStiQue: Are there any female-focused charity that you personally support? 

Abigail: Yes! I am part of the Women’s Mental Health Leadership Council at McLean Hospital (Harvard’s psychiatric teaching hospital). Women’s mental health is an emerging area of study where there is still so much to learn and develop in terms of treatment, advocacy, and policy, and the impact is far-reaching. My mom was part of the founding of the Women’s Mental Health Leadership Council and I share in her passion for de-stigmatizing mental health and developing a better understanding of the unique mental health needs of women and ways to support. My mom passed away in 2017, it means so much to continue her legacy in this way.


tréStiQue: Do you have advice for young women getting started in their career?

Abigail: Never settle. I’ve changed careers several times, each change just as daunting as the last, but never lose your motivation. It's absolutely fine for your first job (or your second or third) to not be the right one. Let it inspire your curiosity and move on quickly!


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