Which Routine Is Best For You?

Don’t get us wrong, shopping for makeup is one of our favorite things to do...but we know it can be hard. Especially shopping for makeup online! Choosing the perfect shade can be confusing enough, and then comes the question of what to do with the makeup once you have it! So we decided to come up with a solution.

You’ve probably seen quizzes out there that help you find your perfect bra fit and shoe style, but we think it’s time for makeup to have its turn! We created a fun quiz to help us learn more about you and your daily routine. Once you take the quiz, we’ll send you a custom suggestion about the trèStiQue routine that’s perfect for you!

Our quiz is a great place to find your perfect routine, but if you want to get a head start and take a little sneak peek at what your options are, here you go:

Essential 8 

If you match with the Essential 8, you’re hard-working and love results. This routine is perfect for you. This set includes eight products (curated by you!) that will simplify doing your everyday makeup. All of the products are full-sized and 2-in-1 with built in applicators, and the set comes with a Deluxe Le Pak makeup bag.

Customize Your Essentials

If you match with the Customize Your Essentials, you’re confident and know exactly what you want in life. With this set, customize your products AND shades to suit your personalized beauty needs while saving 15% off individually priced products.

Mini Essential 5

If you match with the Mini Essential 5, you enjoy the little things in life. And we fully support that. Our classic mini-sized routine is perfect for your vibe. Featuring 5 of our mini essentials, you can curate your own mini routine for your lifestyle. Even though they don’t have built-in applicators, our minis still have our high performance formulas and are great for taking with you wherever you want! Or great for simply testing out different shades! This set comes in an organized, mess-free Mini Luxe Le Pak makeup bag.

So, which set is best for you? Need some help figuring that out? Take the quiz

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