Celebrating Mother's Day with the trèStiQue Team

In honor of Mother's Day, we decided to reminisce on our favorite memories we've made with our moms and share with you their favorite trèStiQue makeup products. After all, they were the ones who got us interested in makeup in the first place!  Read on and enjoy our mom's product recommendations, but first call your mom. And let her know we said Happy Mother's Day!

Jenn, trèStiQue Co-Founder 


My favorite memory of my mom is exactly one year ago. She moved into the city to be with me since I was pregnant and close to my due date with Liam. She was there to cook for me and help me with Romi, my then 2.5 yr old! I ended up in early labor with 10-15 hrs of contractions for over a week before I moved Into the “active labor” phase. I remember every night we would pack our hospital bags in anticipation of THIS MUST BE IT and then every night I would wake her up with the same intense contractions. Once they stopped we would both go back to sleep. She was there to mentally and physically support me and get me through it, until finally Liam was born May 17th at 9:30am :) 

Jenn's Favorite Product: My favorite product is the concealer stick. It’s my one must have if ever stranded on a desert island (& especially during quarantine). It makes me look more refreshed than I feel!  

Her Mom's Favorite Product: My moms favorite is the cruelty free eyebrow pencil - as she got older and also being very light haired her brows have become more sparse. The latte brow pencil is a perfect match that gives her the natural brow definition she wants for everyday.


Chiara, Associate Marketing Director


My favorite memory with my mom is actually one from when I was probably around 8 years old. My mom decided to take me out for a girls night at the movies, and when we got there the theater was completely empty! So we sat right in the center, put our feet up, tossed a little popcorn around and at the end of the movie we ran to the front of the theater and danced to the song as the credits rolled. This is exactly what I love about my mom: her energy, her dancing all the time, her laughter and her ability to make anything and everything fun. To this day, she’s still the first person I go to when I need advice or just need to talk something through. She’s one of my very best friends!

Chiara's Favorite Product: My favorite product is the Matte Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine… I love love love this shade of red! Especially recently, if I decide to wear just one thing for the day I’ll usually choose this red matte lipstick just to make me feel more put together :).

Her Mom's Favorite Product: My mom’s favorite product is the Matte Lip Crayon in Tuscan Wine (same as me!) She loves a bright matte lipstick just as much as I do, I guess that’s where I get it from!


Amy, Assistant Marketing Manager

I have made so many happy memories with my mom so it’s hard to boil it down to one singular moment! If I had to choose one I would say when my mom came to stay with me for a weekend last summer in my apartment Brooklyn. I hadn’t seen her in a while and had really missed her company. We spent the weekend exploring Williamsburg on foot, visiting the botanical gardens and local food festival. It was a beautiful summer weekend and it was made even more special with a visit from my mom.

Amy's Favorite Product: The highlighter stick makeup in Maldives Luminescent. It has the perfect balance of shimmer and dewiness.

Her Mom’s Face Product: Also the highlighter stick makeup - can you tell we’re related? She loves how smoothly it glides on and that it's so easy to blend with the perfecting sponge on the opposite end.


Kendall, trèStiQue Beauty Expert


I have endless amazing memories with my mother, it is hard to pick just one! I think this picture perfectly defines our relationship though. Laughing, dancing, enjoying each other's company. She is truly my best friend, always there to lean on, to talk to, to make fun of and to make fun of me! I have had to deal with a lot of curveballs this past year and I wouldn't be here today without her love and support. Happy Mother's Day Mummy! 

Kendall's Favorite Product: My favorite product (during quarantine) is the concealer stick! So easy to wake up a tired face with a few swipes. My other favorite is the eyeshadow crayon! It's a foolproof smokey eye in a eyeshadow crayon, doesn't get easier than that!

Her Mom's Favorite Product: My mom's favorite product is the lip glaze in Georgia Peach. She loves how easy it is to apply and the color instantly brightens up her look!


Tara, Senior Manager, eCommerce + Customer Experience


It is definitely a challenge to pinpoint a 'favorite' memory with my mom, but if I had to pick one, it would be the time we decided to go to Vegas. She is the most entertaining travel partner and adventurer, but with that said no matter what you are doing with her, you are always guaranteed to be surrounded with endless laughter, music, and dancing. She is my best friend, my constant voice of reason, and everything I aspire to be in every aspect of my life, as I have yet to meet someone more selfless, strong, genuine, and generous than her. 

Tara's Favorite Product: My favorite product is our vegan cruelty free mascara, it is a daily essential in my makeup routine because it makes my eyes and face look awake! :) 

Her Mom's Favorite Product: My mom's favorite product is the Matte Lip Crayon in Florence Fig. She rarely wears makeup, but if she were to put on one product, it is always matte lipstick! 


Emily, Senior Director of Social Media & Partnerships


While I could talk about a million special memories that involve my mom, one of my absolute favorite memories has to do with her birthday cakes. My mom is an amazing baker and made every single birthday cake for my brothers and I growing up. She would make each super detailed and specific to us and put so much love and time into them. And they were always so delicious. Even when I would come home from college she would have them waiting for me. It is one of my favorite memories from growing up and I love that she has now started baking cakes for my son, Zac, on his birthday. I love that this very special tradition continues to live on even now that I have grown up. 

Emily and Her Mom's Favorite Product: The cruelty free eyebrow pencil in Americano. It is our every day, must use, go-to product. After the brow pencil, her favorite product would be any of our red matte lipstick crayons, because no one pulls off a red lip like my mama!

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