Makeup Travel Tips with Co-Founder Jenn Kapahi

Our co-founder Jenn Kapahi is here to share her handy beauty tips on how to travel with makeup and how travel has changed with having a baby. trèStiQue was made with those for an on-the-go lifestyle in mind from makeup bags and cases for travel to mini makeup kits.

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What are your travel beauty tips for short flights?

I always bring wipes to clean the seat, something to read (since most short flights don’t have a movie) and in my purse I carry my hand cream, contact solution and glasses and a few trèStiQue essentials - our Matte Stick for blotting and Concealer Crayon for touching up pre-landing.


What are your long-haul flight beauty tips?

I always bring my own warm cozy socks and a cashmere travel shawl that can double as a blanket. I also bring some extra skin care products to keep my skin hydrated in the dry air & a toothbrush! For long trips I keep my entire makeup kit Essential 8 Set with me in case my bag is ever lost.


When it comes to makeup in your carry on, what beauty products do you keep with you and why?

I always have my Matte Lip Crayon lipstick - I use the BB Lip Balm for travel since its loaded with moisturizing ingredients such as argan oil, coconut oil and peach seed oil. I also keep my Concealer Crayon for spot touch-ups, my Brow Pencil which makes you look pulled together and awake and the Matte Stick to blot shine.


How does your beauty routine change when you’re traveling with a baby?

I have much less time to touch up in flight or care what I look like. The most important thing is keeping the germs away because he puts everything in his mouth. I keep hand wipes in the diaper clutch and in my purse and wash my hands a ton. I love Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour hand cream and keep that handy along with my BB Lip Balm.


You’re heading from the airport straight into a meeting. What are the products you turn to and why?

If I have to go to a meeting I always add a touch of Eye Pencil, a swipe of Highlighter and I layer a bit of Matte Lip Crayon in Barcelona Bright Berry on top of my BB balm (which acts as a hydrating primer).


Any on the fly emergency in-flight beauty tips?

The bathrooms are so tiny in the plane so I like to put my makeup bag and skin care in a hand held clutch with a wrist strap. I hang the strap on the door so it says clean and out of the way.


What are your favorite beauty products to travel with and why? Let us know in the comments and share with us your fave beauty travel tips!


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