Shop Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for you perfect trèStiQue product? Why not let the stars decide! Read on to see which makeup products fit you best according to your zodiac sign.



Bold, ambitious and impulsive, Aries need their makeup to be intense, versatile and last through any situation they find themselves in. The Eye Pencil provides them with the dimension they want for a mesmerizing, eye-catching look.
    As the most down-to-earth sign in the zodiac, Taurus’s love a makeup product that’s as practical and low-key as they are. The Brow Pencil defines, sculpts and sets in seconds, leaving them with a naturally defined brow look that can’t be beat.
      Geminis are multi-faceted trendsetters who aren’t afraid to try a pop of color once in a while. The Lip Glaze Crayon with built-in lip primer is a perfect match to satisfy their changing moods whether they want bright colorful lips or a soft-focus natural look.
        Dreamy, intuitive Cancers seem like their auras are always glowing. The Highlight Stick gives them a lit-from-within glow with a dewy, pearl highlight, worthy of their luminous personality.
          No one makes a statement quite like a Leo. They’re bold, bright and shine when they are at the center of attention, just like our Matte Lip Crayon in Chile Red.
            Clever, discerning Virgos love to do things their way and have a very systematic approach to life. For these perfectionists, the Matte Lip Crayon in our tried and true, crowd-pleasing shade Florence Fig lets them create the perfectly timeless look.
              Libras have a tendency to be flirtatious and extremely charming. The Blush Stick in St Barths Pink represents Libras well with its dreamy, powder-soft feel and flirty pop of cool pink color.
                Though they project their passionate and powerful side to others, Scorpios are very emotional on the inside. The Shimmer Shadow Crayon in Kona Shimmer is the perfect shade for them as it can work as strong, bold look or be blended out for a soft look, just like a Scorpio.
                  Adventurous, free-spirited Sagittarians are rarely sitting at home. The Good Vibes Mascara works for a no-fuss, on-the-go look with its handy built-in curler, but can withstand whatever adventure they decide to embark on.
                    Driven Capricorns are all-business all the time. The Cream Matte Shadow Crayon in the effortless tawny brown color, Curaçao Pecan, lets them take charge with a shade that can take them from the boardroom to after-work cocktails with ease.
                      Unconventional and creative, Aquarians always stay on top of trends, but they won't let that influence their decisions. The Shimmer Shadow in Burgundy Shimmer satisfies their need for color yet still ensures they look chic and trendy.
                        Pisces' always have their head in the clouds, so they prefer a softer makeup look that matches their personality. The Tinted Face Stick provides a lightweight and breathable canvas so Pisces' can create whatever look they're feeling that day.

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