Women We Love: Sophie Elgort

How would you describe your personal style?
Laid back but polished. It can be a dress or jeans…as long as it is body flattering I am open to try it.

If you have ten minutes to pack for a last minute trip, what are you must-have items you can’t travel without?
Dry Shampoo, headphones, my small camera, my mini Le Pak with my tréStiQue Essentials, moisturizer, and a Luna or Kind Bar.

You love to travel…what is your favorite place you have been in the past few years. Why?
Tanzania and Rwanda. It was such a different and new experience that I got to take with my family.

Your favorite NY spot to just relax and take a minute for yourself?
My apartment, because I can just turn off and have my sanctuary in the middle of all the chaos.

What is your favorite part about your job?
I really love the different people and collaborating with all the teams and the subjects and being on set with different people. It is always a different day.

You have a non-profit called Through Our Lens? How did that get started and why are you so passionate about it?
My friend Carolyn Pride and I wanted to do our part with diversity in front of the lens. After much discussion, we thought it would be best to start with those behind the lens. Through Our Lens works with high school girls interested in photography that want to get involved in fashion and media. These girls are from low income and racially diverse backgrounds who might not otherwise not have access to these industries.

Note: Since the publication of this blog post, Through Our Lens is not a working site. In the past, tréStiQue participated in a video shoot at Nylon with Through Our Lens. We provided makeup services (and a makeup artist) for the models participating in the mentees’ shoot. It was an incredible day, and one we are very proud to have been part of!

What is something we may not know about you?
As well as being behind the camera, I also love being on air and have done quite a few expert segments. I’d love to be a regular contributor on a show talking about fashion, photography, etc

If you could tell your 21 year old self some advice what would it be from all the experiences you have had?
I am still working on this now, but in terms of stuff for work…to just get stuff done, don’t worry about it being perfect or finding the perfect time to start. Just start, finish and get things done. People can talk about ideas forever and not get things done.  So just try it!

How would you describe your current makeup routine? What are the products you never leave your house without?
A lot of days I don’t wear any makeup. And if I am going somewhere, I often do just the brows and a little mascara. I love the tréStiQue Brow Pencil and Brow Gel. And I always use moisturizer. Morning and night.

Thanks Sophie for the great chat!

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