3 Beautiful Eye Makeup Looks To Wear With Face Mask - Step By Step Tutorial

As the pandemic continues into the summer, face masks have become an essential part of our daily routines. And just because we are covering up our faces most of the time, doesn't mean we have to sacrifice our beauty routines; it’s time to focus on the eye area! Whether you want a more natural smokey eye look, a colorful lid or classic, neutral eye makeup, we got you covered. Read on for a step by step tutorial of our favorite eye makeup looks to wear with your mask!

Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup Look #1: Bronze Smokey Eye

A bronze smokey eye is a great day-time alternative to a darker night-time smokey eye. Our eyeshadow crayon makes smokey eye looks fool-proof and so easy to achieve! The formula of our eyeshadow’s melts into your eyelid and features a super buildable texture so you can start out subtle and easily go more intense if desired. 

1. Lightly apply our shadow stick (eyeshadow crayon) in the shade Kona Shimmer (the perfect bronze with gold shimmer) to the eyelid and extend to the outer corner past your crease.

2. Turn your product to the opposite side and uncap to reveal the blending brush. 

3. Using the eyeshadow brush, blend in and shape the eyeshadow.

4. If you want a more intense look, keep applying the eyeshadow crayon and blending until you achieve your desired eye makeup look! (Tip: You can also add a touch of black eyeliner to intensify the smokey eye)

5. Then, take the eyeshadow crayon and apply it to your waterline as you would an eyeliner pencil to bring the look together.

6. Finish with our mascara with curler for a full beautifully bronzed eye look!


    Natural Shimmer Eye Makeup

    Eye Makeup Look #2: Colorful Makeup Pop of Shimmer

    Go for the glow and add some bright, vibrant shimmer to your lids! If you are looking for a fun, bold eye look for this summer, then look no further. Our eyeshadow stick in Burgundy Shimmer is all you need! This trendy shade glides on effortlessly without creasing (no primer necessary) and locks onto lids for a long wear time. One swipe of our shadow sticks gives you richly pigmented color for a striking yet playful eye look.

    1. Apply our eyeshadow crayon in the shade Burgundy Shimmer to the eyelid in a rounded shape, going slightly above the crease.

    2. Continue to build up eyeshadow until desired look is achieved.

    3. Using the blending brush on the opposite end of the eyeshadow crayon, blend in using tiny circular motions and shape the eyeshadow focusing on the area above the crease for a seamlessly blended look.

    4. Makeup Hack: You can also use this eyeshadow stick as an eyeliner, to create an editorial-style burgundy cat eye makeup!

    5. Finish with our mascara with curler to give your lashes a lengthened and volumized look.


      Natural Eye Makeup Look

      Makeup Look #3: Classic, Natural Everyday Makeup

      If bold eye makeup isn’t your thing, don’t worry - we have a beautiful neutral eye makeup look perfect for you. Using gold and neutral shimmers and a touch of brown eyeliner, you can create an effortless eye makeup look and still stand out.

      1. Gently apply our eyeshadow crayon in the shade Venetian Shimmer or Morimoto Shimmer (whichever eyeshadow shade you prefer!) to your eyelid, making sure you don’t go above your crease.

      2. Using the blending brush on the opposite end of the eyeshadow crayon, lightly blend in the eyeshadow on your eyelid to leave a veil of shimmering color. 

      3. Then, using our eye pencil makeup in shade Swiss Chocolate, draw a thin line right where your lashes meet your eye and extend out to create a baby cat eye look.

      4. Using the smudger on the opposite side of your eye pencil, smoke out the eyeliner for a more natural eye look.

      5. Finish with our mascara with curler to give your lashes a natural, feathery look.

      6. Using our eyebrow pencil, draw short strokes in sparser areas of your brow in the direction of your brow hairs. Set hairs in place with the brow gel on the opposite end, giving you a naturally defined brow look!


        Which look is your favorite? Comment below, we’d love to hear from you! If you recreate these looks for yourself, be sure to tag us on Instagram. If you ever need help finding your shades to create your perfect look, we offer free shade matching consultations. Send us a selfie or schedule a live video chat with our beauty experts and we'll hand-select your perfect shades for your custom recommendation!

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