Tips & Tricks: Defining Your Brows

Continuing our Tips & Tricks series, our team's here to share with you our top makeup tips, tricks and hacks using our favorite beauty products!

This week, Amy from our marketing team shows us how to get the perfectly defined bold brows using our Brow Pencil! Read on for all the makeup tips and tricks!


Makeup Tip #1: Shape the Brow

Taking your Brow Pencil, use the pointed part of the pencil tip (the top of the triangle) and lightly draw a line across the bottom of the your brows. This will create the initial shape and give you a reference of where your brows begin and end for when drawing in the rest of your brows. Following the bottom of where your brow hairs start will also create a natural-looking shape.


Makeup Tip #2: Filling In Your Brow

When filling in the rest of your brow, focus on the areas where the hair is more sparse. Starting from the line you created in the first step, use the broader edge of the pencil in short, even strokes following the direction of your brow hairs. Make sure to focus on the lower part of your brows rather than the top half for a more natural, non-blocky look.

Fun Fact: Our Brow Pencil formula is activated by the natural oils in your brow hair making it hard to mess up and accidentally draw outside your brow area!


Makeup Tip #3: Setting With Brow Gel

On the other end of our Brow Pencil is a built-in tinted brow gel! This brush is 2-sided: one side has longer bristles and the other side has shorter bristles.* Following the natural growth of your brows, use the brush in an upward/diagonal motion to distribute the gel through your brows, fluffing them up and setting them into place!

*The longer bristles are great for setting brow hair that is longer and denser, as it deposits less product into your brow. The shorter bristles work best for sparser/shorter brow areas (like the front of your brows, closer to your nose) since the product is more concentrated on this side of the brush.


Makeup Tip #4: Make Your Hair Look Fuller (yes - we mean the hair on your head!)

If your hair matches your brow color you can use the same brow pencil shade, but if not, you should find a shade that best matches your hair color. We have 4 shades of our Brow Pencil:

  • Latte: For blonde or grey hair
  • Americano: For light or medium brown hair
  • Espresso: For dark brown hair
  • Mocha: For darkest brown or black hair


Once you determine the best shade match for your hair color, identify the areas of your hairline that need to be filled in. You can do this by pulling your hair taut in a ponytail, which will show you the thinner areas that need to be filled.

Then, simply use the angled, broad side of the Brow Pencil to fill in your hairline. Work in the direction of your hair, using short strokes to deposit color. If you end up with any harsh lines that need to be blended out, use your fingers of a brow spoolie to blend in, and continue to sweep in the direction of your hair. 


Makeup Tip #5: Taming Flyaways With Brow Gel

We all get flyaways and stray hairs, this hack is a great away to tame them! Using a shade that matches your hair color, slick back flyaways with our tinted brow gel using the longer bristles of the brush. The gel gives you control without ruining your hairstyle. This is a great hack to refresh your hairstyle throughout the day!


If you found this tutorial helpful, share it on Instagram! We hope these tricks and tips help you in getting the most from your Brow Pencil! Do you have any trèStiQue tips or tricks you like to use? Share them with us in the comments!

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