How to Use Our Cruelty-Free Eyebrow Pencil

For today’s trèStiQue makeup tutorial, we’re here with eyebrow pencil tips and tricks for beginners. Our super-sleek, triple-threat cruelty-free Eyebrow Pencil defines, sculpts, and sets your brows in seconds. 

Our cruelty-free Eyebrow Pencil contains a triangle-shaped pencil and a tinted gel brush, so you can get your brows naturally defined, fluffy and full with just one product! Ready to get full natural eyebrows? Here we go!

Step #1: How to Use the Cruelty-Free Eyebrow Pencil

  1. Starting in your inner brow closer to your nose bridge, use the pencil’s tip to create short strokes following the direction of your brow hairs. Using short strokes will mimic the natural look of your brow hair.
  2. Press slightly harder when drawing lines, if you want darker and more defined brows.
  3. Following the arch of your brow,  continue to draw lines in areas where your brows are more sparse.
  4. You can also extend your brows by drawing in lines near the tail.
  5. Makeup Hack: To create the perfect brow gradient for an even more natural look, use two different shades of our brow pencil. Opt for a lighter shade for the front of your brows and a darker color for the arch and tail.  

Step #2: How to Apply the Tinted Gel Brush

  1. Flip the product around and unscrew the built-in unique gel and brow brush. 
  2. Use the long or short bristles depending on the length and texture of your brow hair to comb and set brows in place. 
  3. Follow the growth of your brow, brushing up and outward. This will set your brows in place all day! This gel has a flexible hold and no crunch.

Our exclusive Cruelty-Free Eyebrow Pencil is 100% vegan and free of parabens, d5, and synthetic fragrance! And of course, vegan beauty means no animal ingredients!

If you found this tutorial helpful, share it on Instagram! We hope these tricks and tips help you get flawlessly natural glow. If you like our brow pencil, check out our Good Vibes Mascara; full, defined brows and lusciously lengthened lashes go great together ;).

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