Tutorial: How to Use Our Vegan and Cruelty-free Eyelash Mascara

Finding the perfect mascara can be hard. Over the years, we've tried and tested tons of different formulas. We struggled to find one we loved, so we created our own innovative, one-of-a-kind mascara and eyelash curler! We’re here to teach tricks and tips on you how to use and apply our vegan and cruelty-free eyelash mascara. With our Good Vibes Mascara, you’ll never need another bulky and hard to use curler! Watch the video above and follow along below to see why 100% of women saw longer-looking and visibly lifted lashes after using our Good Vibes Mascara 

We created a first-ever 2-in-1 curler + eyelash-enhancing mascara with a 100% lengthening effect that is easy to carry and apply on-the-go! So grab your Good Vibes Mascara, and follow our makeup tutorial: 


Step #1: How to Use the Curler

  1. To access the half-curler, first pull off the clear cap at the top of the tool. 
  2. Push downward on the lever at the back of the half-curler to activate. 
  3. Starting at the outer corner of your eye, position your curler as close as possible to the lash line (without pinching your skin).
  4. Push the lever down to curl and hold for 3-5 seconds.
  5. Move across your entire eye to curl every section for as much lift and curve as you desire. 
  6. Our half curler lifts every lash, even the hard to reach ones!


Step #2: How to Apply Eyelash Mascara

  1. Twist base of curler to access volumizing mascara. 
  2. Apply mascara in broad strokes from the lash line outward to achieve desired volume, curl and length. 
  3. Makeup Hack: You can also hold the mascara brush vertically to further separate and lengthen lashes to prevent clumping!


Good Vibes Mascara’s Vegan Formula

Made with 84% naturally derived ingredients, our innovative  2-in-1 curler + eyelash-enhancing mascara formula is proudly 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Vegan beauty means no animal ingredients! Our Good Vibes Mascara is also infused with malachite to uplift and energize, providing a +186% increase in the lash curve. If you are building your Essential 8 routine, our Good Vibes Mascara is the final addition to your complete makeup kit!

If you found this tutorial helpful, share it on Instagram! We hope you liked these tricks and tips to help you get flawlessly lengthened lashes. If you like this lash look, check out our Brow Pencil; they work perfectly together. 


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