National Lipstick Day Matte Lipstick Crayon Tutorial

Happy National Lipstick Day! In honor of our all-time fave holiday, today’s tutorial is alllll about our Matte Lipstick Crayon! With our lightweight matte crayon lipstick, it’s so easy to get flawless lips in no time!

We’ve created a 2-in-1 Matte Lip Crayon with a lightweight matte lipstick formula on one end + a highly hydrating, ultra-moisturizing BB balm on the other! The shiny BB Lip Balm is infused with Cocoa Butter, Monhoi Tahiti Butter, Peach Oil and Olive Fruit Oil, and is great for everyday moisture and a kiss of color! Also, perfect for dry lips - especially when you’re wearing a face mask!

Step #1: How to Apply the Matte Lip Crayon

  1. Uncap the crayon end of the matte lip color.
  2. Using the point of the crayon, follow your lip line and sketch the line lightly so you can adjust as you go.
  3. Then fill in your lips using the side of the lip crayon.
  4. Layer the matte lipstick for more intense color!

    Step #2: How to Use the Shiny Lip Balm

    1. Use the BB Lip Balm under the Matte Lip Crayon for added moisture and hydration.
    2. If you want a more glossy, moisturizing lipstick effect, layer the balm on top of the matte lipstick for a touch of shine! 
    3. You can also use the BB Lip Balm on it’s own to nourish and moisturize your lips! This is super helpful especially when you’re wearing a face mask!


      Our  2-in-1 Matte Lip Crayon is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and free of parabens, d5 + synthetic fragrances! And of course, vegan beauty means no animal ingredients! Our Matte Lip Crayon comes in 6 curated shades: Nantucket Nude (a light nude), Florence Fig (our bestselling shade!), Barcelona Bright Berry (a bright, poppy fuschia), Belize Bordeaux (a beautiful berry), Chile Red (a classic, vibrant red) and Tuscan Wine (a warm, dark red).

      We've also launched our brand new Lip Duos in honor of National Lipstick Day! We've put together your favorite lipstick crayons into best-seller duos, a $50 value for $39! Whether you love a matte or glaze lip, there's a duo for everyone.

      If you found this tutorial helpful, share it on Instagram! We hope these tricks and tips help you get flawlessly natural glow. If you like this lip makeup look, check out our Lip Glaze Crayon tutorial; it’s our Matte Lip Crayon’s shiny counterpart!

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