How to Use Our Vegan Shadow Stick

In our latest trèStiQue tutorial, we'll teach you tricks on how to apply our cream-gel Shadow Stick. With our new, improved eyeshadow there’s no more messy palettes or broken powders - just glowy and shimmering color. These 2-in-1 shadow sticks comes attached with a built-in eyeshadow brush that lets you shape and blend however you want!

Our Shadow Stick has intensely pigmented color and is crease-proof and mess-free! Our shadow crayons last up to 12-hours for a long-wearing look. The silky-smooth texture of these eyeshadow sticks glides on effortlessly without creasing (no primer necessary) and locks onto lids for extended wear.


Step #1: How to Apply the Shadow Stick

  1. Apply the velvety-smooth Shadow Stick directly to your eyelid - no primer needed.
  2. Starting at your upper lash line, build up the shadow by swiping it a few time for a more intense color. You have about 30 seconds of playtime before it sets.


      Step #2: How to Use the Eyeshadow Brush

      1. Turn your product to the opposite side to access the built-in eyeshadow brush.
      2. Use the brush to blend out the harsh lines and fade the color upward to blend seamlessly.


        Step #3: Insider Tip

        1. Blend with a second color if desired.
        2. You may also use the shadow stick as an eyeliner along top and/or bottom lash line to go for an even bolder look.


          Our exclusive Shadow Stick is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Vegan beauty means no animal ingredients! Our Shadow Crayons are also free of gluten, parabens, d5, and synthetic fragrance.

          If you found these tutorials helpful, let us know in the comments! We hope these tricks and tips help you in getting the most from your eye makeup! If you like this eye makeup look, you should check out our Vegan Eyebrow Pencil; they work amazing together!

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