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"I love your product! It’s all right there at my fingertips in the gorgeous bag. Love the handle. The cream products have changed my beauty regimen. Stays in place. Beautiful colors. Couple minutes I’m out the door. It blew me away that you matched me perfect from a photo! Can’t wait to buy more! Thank you!"

Andrea Johnson, Customer

3.30.2020 via E-mail Submission

"I have been using trèStiQue for years and it blends perfectly into my lifestyle. I'm always on the go and rely on the versatility and I take the makeup bag with me everywhere. It's so easy to travel with and has all the essentials."  

Erica (@Ericalave)

"I fell in love with trèStiQue a few years ago. I love the whole concept and it has become my favorite brand. They are what I call beauty disruptors changing the industry!  I love the limited amount of colors to select from it makes it easier to pick my look. The packaging is beautiful!!! It's sleek, chic, and overall fabulous. Everything stays nice, with no leaks or spills, perfectly intact anywhere anytime. I pretty much never leave home without my go-to travel pack. I look forward to adding more to m collection. I still have some things I can't wait to try! Beauty makeup game changer - I simply love, love, love trèStiQue!!!!"

Courtney Kern, Customer

4.2.2020 via E-mail Submission

"trèStiQue's Essential 8 has totally revamped my makeup routine! Even though it's hard to pick a favorite, my most-used products are the long lasting Brow Pencil in espresso and Shadow Crayon in Morimoto Shimmer. The Brow Pencil has a defined tip for a natural finish and comes with a gel brush to help set the eyebrows (which is such a nice bonus!) For my eyes, the shadow crayon has become a part of my everyday makeup routine! Not only can you use it as an eyeshadow (which won't smudge) but also a highlighter for your waterline to pop your eyes! You gotta try these products you won't be disappointed!"

Janet (@jbeautifymakeup)

"Your makeup has changed my life! Love how easy it is to apply. Keeps me presentable all day and it takes less than 5 min. Love how the sun enhances my cheeks and nose. The shimmer stick and blush stick are my absolute fav!"

Kavita Dave, Customer

4.8.2020 via E-mail Submission

Essential 8 by the numbers


use their Essential 8 for travel or when they're on-the-go


love or like their Essential 8 routine


love the makeup bag that comes with their routine

"These built-in tools will make application a breeze!" - Forbes

"If you're the type who either (a.) loses everything in your makeup bag or (b.) hates carrying extra makeup sponges around, this line was made for you."
- Glamour

“Simplify your makeup routine without sacrificing quality with trèStiQue’s makeup collection. All products are vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, D5-free, synthetic fragrance-free and paraben-free…trèStiQue’s makeup routine will have your face looking flawless in a matter of minutes with eight two-in-one products”

“The travel-friendly packaging, two-in-one product and applicator design, and ability for customization make trèStiQue what it is: a makeup solution that simplifies your everyday routine.” 

"I’m telling you, when it comes to packing for a trip, these are the only items you’ll need. They’re small, functional and easy to take wherever you go." - Bustle..