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How to Make the Switch to Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

Earth Week 2023

Earth Week is here, and we want to encourage and educate you on how you can make a change as soon as…Right now! Earth Week is an annual event where individuals, organizations, and communities join forces to raise awareness and take action toward a greener tomorrow. Donating money isn’t the only way to make a difference. We can take small actions in our everyday routine to get a head start. One option is to minimize waste by investing in eco-forward products. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. But don't worry, we've got you covered! Read on and we'll guide you through the steps to make the switch to eco-friendly makeup products.


The beauty industry can have a significant impact on the environment

At trestique, we recognize the importance of minimizing our impact on the environment. That's why we use eco-friendly materials and sustainable practices in our production and packaging. We strive to create products that are gentle for you and the planet.

  • Packaging waste: Many beauty products come in non-recyclable or single-use packaging, leading to a substantial amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. This contributes to pollution and harms marine life.
  • Ingredient sourcing: The extraction and production of specific ingredients used in cosmetics, such as palm oil, can lead to deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and habitat destruction. This not only affects the environment but also contributes to climate change.
  • Chemical pollution: The production and disposal of beauty products can introduce harmful chemicals into the environment. These chemicals can contaminate water sources, soil, and air, negatively impacting ecosystems and human health.
  • Microplastics: Many beauty products contain microplastics or microbeads, particularly exfoliants, and cleansers. These tiny particles of plastic can end up in waterways, harming marine life and entering the food chain.
  • Water consumption: The beauty industry is a significant consumer of water, both in the production of products and through consumer use. High water consumption contributes to water scarcity in some regions and puts pressure on limited water resources.
  • Carbon footprint: The production, transportation, shipping, and disposal of beauty products all generate greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to climate change.
Fashion & Beauty Industry by the numbers

Source: Zero Waste Report 

Why is eco-friendly makeup important?

For many, makeup is a part of the daily routine but the environmental impact of traditional makeup products is often overlooked. Traditional makeup products can contain harmful chemicals and non-biodegradable materials, harming the planet and its inhabitants. Eco-friendly makeup, on the other hand, is made with sustainability in mind. Packaging is designed using PCR materials, glass, or other earth-friendly products. Formulas are developed to be vegan, cruelty-free, and use sustainably sourced ingredients.

  1. Show regard for the planet and those in it.
  2. Support the push for a cleaner Earth.
  3. Avoid potentially harmful formulas.
  4. Clean cosmetics are gentle on sensitive skin.

trestique's commitment to sustainability

At trestique, we are committed to using sustainable and eco-friendly materials in our packaging and products to minimize our environmental impact. 

  • Our packaging is made of 87% recycled materials on average, and we reduced our virgin plastic usage by 90%.
  • All of our products are refillable, which allows customers to purchase refills rather than having to buy a completely new product each time they run out. This reduction of waste is environmentally friendly.
  • Any empty refill cartridges and components of trestique products are recyclable through our program with Pact Collective. Learn more here
  • Avoid waste. Our makeup products include the tools and applicators needed to get your makeup done in a flash. No need to purchase individual brushes or sponges.
  • Our formulas are vegan + cruelty-free, meaning we do not use ingredients derived from animals, and we do not test our products on animals.

trestique's commitment to sustainability

Benefits of using eco-friendly makeup products

Using eco-friendly makeup products has numerous benefits. Not only are they better for the planet, but they can also be better for your skin. Traditional makeup products can contain harmful chemicals that can cause irritation, breakouts, or allergic reactions. Eco-friendly makeup products, on the other hand, are often made with clean ingredients, making them gentler on the skin. Plus, products with clean formulas often have skin-loving ingredients. An example is theFoundation Stick from trestique – which is formulated with Vitis Vita Actives, Carrot Complex, and Hyaluronic acid. 

Take a look at your current lineup

Take a look at your current lineup

Before making the switch to eco-friendly makeup products, it's essential to take inventory of your current makeup products. This will help you determine which products are eco-friendly and which are not. It's also important to research ingredients to identify harmful chemicals and additives that may be present in your current makeup products. To reduce unnecessary waste, we invite you to finish products in your current collection before purchasing additional makeup. Another option, is to recycle makeup you’re ready to part ways with viatrestique’s Recycling Program with Pact Collective.

Find Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Eco-Friendly Makeup Alternatives

Once you've assessed your current makeup collection, it's time to find eco-friendly alternatives. There are many eco-friendly makeup brands out there, so do your research and look for products made with clean ingredients. Be sure to check for eco-friendly certifications such as vegan, cruelty-free, carbon neutral, FSC Certified, and others. Additionally, consider the packaging being used and recyclability when choosing eco-friendly makeup products.

Make the Switch

Once you've found eco-friendly alternatives, it's time to switch. Gradually replace non-eco-friendly products with eco-friendly alternatives. Experiment with different brands and products to find what works best for you. Don't be discouraged if some products don't work as well as non-eco-friendly ones at first. Finding the perfect eco-friendly makeup products for you may take some trial and error.

4 Tips for Using Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

Tips for Using Eco-Friendly Makeup Products

When using eco-friendly makeup products, there are a few tips to keep in mind. 

  • Choose the right shade: trestique's 2-in-1 products come in a variety of shades to match different skin tones. Be sure to choose a shade that matches your skin tone for the most natural and flattering look. If you need help finding your perfect shades, let us take care of them for you!Submit your selfie here and we’ll recommend your matches in seconds.
  • Apply in thin layers: trestique's cream-gel formulas are designed to be buildable, so start with a thin layer and gradually build up as needed for more coverage.
  • Blend well: For a natural and seamless look, make sure to blend the product well using your fingers or a brush. Or, shop with trestique and blend in using the built-in tools!
  • Follow expiration dates to prevent using expired products: Like any cosmetic product, eco-friendly makeup products have a limited shelf life. Be sure to check the expiration date and discard any products that are past their prime.

Maintaining Your Eco-Friendly Makeup Collection

To maintain your eco-friendly makeup collection, purchase refills instead of new products when possible. Properly dispose of old makeup products by checking with your local recycling guidelines or consider donating gently used products to organizations in need. Or, check outour recycling program. We’ll take care of the cost of recycling for you!

Recycling helps to reduce waste and ensures that your old makeup products don't end up in a landfill. Our recycling program ensures that all recycled materials are upcycled, downcycled or molecularly recycled.

Additionally, consider using sustainable makeup tools such as reusable cotton pads and brushes made from sustainable materials. You can also switch from single-use makeup wipes to cleansing balms to reduce the amount of waste you produce day-to-day. Every small change makes a big difference!

We know that proper makeup storage is crucial for maintaining the quality and longevity of your products. Here are some tips on the best and worst places to store your makeup:

Best Places:

  • Cool, dry, and dark areas are ideal for makeup storage, such as drawers or cabinets.
  • Regularly cleaning your makeup storage areas can prevent contamination and the growth of bacteria.
  • Additionally, regularly cleaning your makeup tools (brushes, sponges) to reduce the chances of breakouts.
  • Keep makeup separate from heat sources, such as radiators or direct sunlight, to prevent heat damage and melting.

Worst Places:

  • Storing makeup in the bathroom can expose it to high levels of humidity and temperature fluctuations, which can degrade product quality and encourage bacterial growth.
  • Avoid storing makeup on windowsills or near direct sunlight, as sunlight exposure can cause the breakdown of product ingredients and compromise their effectiveness.
  • Makeup stored in cars or other high-temperature environments can melt, separate, or become damaged.
  • Storing makeup in disarray can make it difficult to find items when needed and can increase the risk of damage or contamination.

Supporting Sustainable Brands

Supporting Sustainable Brands

By supporting sustainable brands like trestique, you can vote with your dollars and make a difference for the planet. Look for eco-friendly brands when shopping for makeup products, and share your experiences with others to spread awareness. Follow and engage with sustainable brands on social media to stay up-to-date on their latest offerings and initiatives.


What are some common harmful ingredients found in non-eco-friendly makeup products?

Some common harmful ingredients found in non-eco-friendly makeup products include parabens, phthalates, and synthetic fragrances. These ingredients can cause skin irritation and health problems.

How can I tell if a brand is truly eco-friendly?

Look for certifications such as vegan, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, FSC certified and other eco-friendly certifications. Additionally, do your research on the brand's sustainability initiatives and ingredient sourcing.

Can eco-friendly makeup products be as effective as non-eco-friendly ones?

Yes! Eco-friendly makeup products can be just as effective as non-eco-friendly ones, and are often formulated with ingredients that have skin-care benefits.

What should I do with old makeup products that cannot be recycled?

Check out our recycling program with Pact Collective. We’ll take care of the cost of recycling for you!


Switching to eco-friendly makeup products is a small but impactful step towards a more sustainable future. By assessing your current collection, finding eco-friendly alternatives, and following these tips, you can make a difference for the planet and for yourself. Remember to support sustainable brands and always do your research to ensure that the products you're using are truly eco-friendly. Happy Earth Day!

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