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Our story

When our founders Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason launched Trestique in 2015, they were focused on extraordinary quality, innovative packaging and uncomplicated routines. Their industry expertise empowered them to create an original, high-performance makeup line delivered in 2-in-1 makeup crayons with built-in application tools. Since then, Jenn and Jack have continued to evolve the brand—relentlessly improving the formulas and the packaging, making them both cleaner and more sustainable with every iteration. 

Simplifying your beauty routine is and always will be a brand priority. But after listening to our customers—who love our packing but loathe throwing it away—developing reusable and refillable packaging became our next priority. “As entrepreneurs, beauty founders, product developers and most importantly human beings, it was time to take a step in the right direction to create something that helps the world be a better place.” explains Jenn.

Today, Trestique is on the forefront of the packaging revolution. Jenn and Jack have created 100% reusable and refillable products from post consumer recycled materials. From our formulas to our packaging, everything is developed through a lens of sustainability. “We are in an authentic revolution with a promise of transparency,” adds Jack. “We feel good that our brand values align with our consumers and that our actions match our conscience, both socially and environmentally.”

Empowering you

Our mission always has been (and always will be) to empower you with time-saving routines using clean, uncomplicated, multi-tasking products that get you out the door in minutes. Because we want you to spend less time fussing over your makeup and more time doing the things you love. 

Respecting people and the planet

From our formulas to our packaging, everything is developed through a lens of sustainability. We are committed to reducing consumption, waste and the use of single-use plastics—for your health and the health of our planet.

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