Meet your new 5-minute face in a case.

After decades of dealing with complicated routines and heavy makeup bags, we created this simple, hardworking, all-in-one kit with everything you need from complexion to eye to lip in a case the size of a coffee cup. Say hello to mess-free, 2-in-1 makeup that's easy to use, carry and apply anytime, anywhere.
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What’s inside?

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Pay in 4 interest-free installments via Afterpay or Klarna. Try Essential 8 & Essential Mix free for 30 days with Klarna. afterpay Klarna Learn More

What makes it unique

Save Time

Our Essential 8 routine takes only 5 minutes vs. the average 20+ minutes.

Save Space

Our bag fits in the palm of your hand and weighs only ½ pound when fully packed!

Your full face in a case

Each product features a built-in tool or applicator totalling a bag, 8 products plus 8 tools with everything you need in one set.

We are always

High quality Italian formulas
TSA approved


Makeup is not easy... It’s hard to apply!

Your makeup bag is a mess! It weighs several pounds, and it’s hard to carry around in your purse.

You have no time for makeup.

You don’t know what shades work for your coloring


Our products are simple, easy to use and designed for REAL people. Our formulas are cream-gel based so they glide on instantly. You can build the intensity and blend in seconds. Mistake-proof :)

Our makeup bag fits in the palm of your hand and only weighs ½ pound. Our products are neatly organized and easy to find.

Our routine is your full face in a case and only takes 5 minutes. It’s everything you need, nothing you don’t. We custom developed each product to have a complimentary tool so you don’t have to think.

We have a FREE Selfie Shade Match Service that offers custom product and shade matches based on your skin tone and preferences.


I love how easy it is! It’s all right there at my fingertips in the gorgeous bag so it really makes getting ready every morning SO much easier. This routine allows me to look more put together in a short period of time. Since it's so easy to use, I find myself wanting to use it everyday. Thank you!

- Virna

I love my trèStiQue routine! The packaging and products are so functional and intuitive that I can take them with me everywhere I go and on all my trips. I love the natural look and how it enhances my own look without putting a mask over my face that covers my personality.

- Maya

The best part about my trèStiQue routine is the way it fits it in my bag with all my kids’ stuff. It makes getting ready on-the-go faster, even with my 2 kids!

- Jane
- Virna
- Maya
- Jane

"i created
the essential
8 to solve a

"i created
the essential
8 to solve a

In the midst of building a career, traveling and starting a family, my beauty routine just couldn’t keep up. My makeup bag was messy, heavy and full of complicated products that didn’t perform the way I wanted them to. I knew we needed to re-evaluate the way we use, carry and apply makeup. So, I created The Essential 8 – your full makeup routine in the palm of your hand.

- Jennifer


Does it really take only 5 minutes?

Yes! Our cream-gel formulas blend easily and seamlessly in a short amount of time. All you have to do is draw on and blend, which means less time spent fixing mistakes or blending in your powders or liquids. You don’t have to be a makeup artist or use difficult techniques to get the results you want! All our full-size products come with a built-in makeup tool perfectly suited to the formula you're using. So you don't have to spend time finding the right brush or blender. Simply uncap, apply and blend and you’re ready to go! The makeup case also saves you time by holding all of your products upright so you can see everything you need at one time. It's everything you need right at your fingertips.

What if all 8 products don't work for me?

If you love some items in your Essential 8 routine but not all, not to worry! You can simply do a partial return for a partial refund. If you know there are some products in the Essential 8 you absolutely don't want, check out our Essential Mix instead! It offers all the benefits of the Essential 8 but is totally customizable, so you can build your makeup routine exactly the way you want it.

Why does the Essential 8 cost $175?

Our Essential 8 routine features 8 full-size makeup products, each with a custom built-in tool plus our Deluxe Le Pak makeup bag, which overall has a total value of $224. This means you're saving on buying new brushes, tools as well as a whole new makeup bag. These formulations are made in Italy, so they are high quality and high-performing. When you build your own Essential 8, you save over 20% for an all-in-one makeup routine!