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Smart 2-in-1 beauty essentials

Good Vibes Mascara

Rated 4.4 out of 5
Based on 196 reviews

a deep black

Refillable Complexion Duet

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 11 reviews

For fair skin with cool, pink undertones

Shadow Crayon

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 263 reviews

a glistening gold

Mini Holy Grail Discovery Set

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Based on 29 reviews

Compact Makeup Sets


Starter Kit (Save 30%)

Create Your Set (Save 30%)

Summer Staples


Foundation Stick

Rated 4.6 out of 5
Based on 248 reviews

For fair skin with cool, pink undertones

Prime + Shine Lip Crayon

Rated 4.8 out of 5
Based on 114 reviews

a soft, baby pink

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Zero-waste system

We created the first-ever, zero-waste, refillable cosmetics system. Every product is designed to buy once and refill forever.



Clean formulations

Our products are free of harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances and ingredients linked to cancer, hormone disruptions, allergens and other toxins.

Why this matters


Endlessly refillable

Receive your trestique refills automatically, so you never have to worry about running out of your favorite products.



Travel Friendly

Light-as-air makeup kits weigh less than 1/2 lb and are TSA-approved. Our sleek makeup bags fit your entire beauty routine.

Travel Makeup

World Ocean’s Day is more than just a date on the calendar. It's a global celebration of the seas that breathe life into our planet. But it's also a time for reflection, particularly on the products we use and their impact on these precious ecosystems. Let's journey together into the world of eco-friendly makeup and discover how it can play a part in ocean conservation.
For eight years, trestique has been revolutionizing the beauty industry with its Essential 8 – the makeup bundle that started it all. It’s an all-in-one makeup kit that holds your full face of makeup in a compact makeup case that fits in the palm of your hand. This journey began from a scrapped concept that developed into a tangible solution for those who wanted a simple, time-saving makeup routine.

trestique originally launched in 2015 but with passion, ingenuity, and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, co-founders Jenn Kapahi and Jack Bensason knew they had to make some changes. That’s why in 2021, trestique relaunchedits products in new and improved refillable, eco-forward packaging that doesn’t compromise the high-performance cream-gel formulas.

When it comes to consumption, consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly options. trestique was founded on the sole mission to simplify the over-complicated beauty products that are offered on the market. Social responsibility and sustainability became a recurring discussion when it came to trestique’s next steps. In 2021, trestique relaunched their 2-in-1 cream-gel products.  The relaunch focused on the new, refillable packaging. Making it possible for users to part ways with single-use packaging. Now, offering innovative and sustainable beauty solutions that prioritize both the environment and customers' needs. Let’s explore the sustainability movement within the beauty industry and how trestique's refill revolution is leading the way.

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