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Makeup Look: Create the ultimate summer glow

If dewy, fresh skin is the idea of your perfect summer makeup look, then we’ve got you covered with our highlighter makeup tutorial. We’ll teach you how to create a naturally glowy look that will keep you shimmering all day long. Using our cream-gel highlighter stick makeup is a foolproof way to up your glow game and accentuate your features with subtle shimmer. This makeup tutorial is all about enhancing your natural features and getting a healthy summer glow with some smart highlighting hacks. Watch the video and read on for our highlighter makeup tips:

Highlighter makeup tip #1: selecting the perfect shade

When picking a highlighter shade, choose a color that is about 2 to 4 shades lighter than your skin tone. If you have a fair to light skin tone, a champagne pink-hued highlighter looks amazing. If you have an olive and deeper skin tone, rosy bronze shades are sure to stun. Both shades of ourhighlighter blend in seamlessly and look great on all skin tones.

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