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Sustainable Beauty: The Power of Refillable Makeup


Refillable makeup


Did you know that trestique is the first full line of refillable makeup? We've pioneered the industry's first-ever fully refilalble refillable cosmetics system, ensuring that each product is crafted for a one-time purchase and a lifetime of eco-friendly refills. Now, you can easily restock your favorite products from our100% vegan and cruelty-free line.

Here, we can delve deeper into the benefits of our refillable makeup and how you can make the most of it. Furthermore, we will unveil the secrets of our "Navy Forever Case" and the eco-friendly trestique Auto-refill system.

The trestique Auto-refill Advantage: Redefining Beauty with Purpose

Auto-refill makeup advantages

At the core of trestique is a commitment to sustainability, evident in our innovative full line of refillable makeup. Why settle for the ordinary when you can choose the extraordinary? Opting for Auto-refill and refills - a small but impactful choice, you can contribute to a greener planet. Your beauty routine, now with purpose.

Navy Forever Case: Your Refillable Companion

Crafted from PCR materials, the Navy Forever Case is ingeniously designed to be purchased once and refilled endlessly. The Navy Forever Case is the navy shell that comes with every trestique product. Within each Forever Case is a refill cartridge and a built-in tool. Once you're finished with your product, you can simply purchase the refill, seamlessly replacing it within the forever case. No need to repurchase the whole product again.

Uncover the secrets of the Navy Forever Case for yourself – it's an elegant and practical solution for your makeup needs. The eco-conscious case is meticulously crafted from post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials, aligning your beauty routine with a sustainable future.

Replenish, Refill & Go with trestique Auto-refill

Makeup refill

Why Subscribe to Auto-refill?

Subscribing to trestique Auto-refill saves you time and money. Say goodbye to the hassle of going online and browsing an endless catalog of products. When you find a product you love, join the Auto-refill program for 25% savings and an auto-shipment on your preferred frequency. You can pause, modify, or cancel at any time. Embrace the environmental benefits of recyclable refills at your own convenience.

Say Goodbye to Waitlists

Experience the freedom of beauty with trestique Auto-refill. Say goodbye to waitlists and be the trendsetter, receiving your favorite products before anyone else. It's not just beauty; it's beauty on your terms.

Recycling with Pact Collective

Join us on the journey towards responsible disposal. trestique, in collaboration with Pact Collective, is at the forefront of recycling initiatives. Recognizing the potential confusion around recycling, we've partnered with Pact to streamline the process, making it effortlessly accessible for you.

After completing your trestique products, hold onto your distinctive blue Forever Case and effortlessly deposit your empty trestique refills into a dedicated Pact recycling bin at any Credo store in the US or Hudson’s Bay store in Canada. In case a Pact bin is out of reach, take advantage of our Pact mail-back recycling program, allowing us to recycle it on your behalf. Together, let's contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Refilling Made Simple with trestique: A Quick Guide

  1. Empty Cartridge Removal: Gently pull out the empty cartridge from your trestique product. (See example here) 
  2. Snap in the New Cartridge: Take your new refill cartridge, click it into place, and remove the cream lid and that's it! Your new product is ready to use.
  3. Recycle with Pact Collective: Contribute to a sustainable future by recycling your empty cartridge with Pact Collective. Visit any Credo store in the US or Hudson’s Bay store in Canada and drop it into the designated Pact recycling bin.

By following these straightforward steps, you not only simplify the refilling process but also play a part in promoting eco-friendly practices through recycling. Join us in making beauty sustainable!

Customer Reviews: Embracing trestique's Refillable System

Reviews of refillable makeup

Hayley M.'s Experience

"I've never experienced such a creamy foundation. trestique's refillable system is a glimpse into the future! It's not just about looking good; it's about doing the best for the planet, and trestique is leading the way." - Hayley M., Verified Buyer

Roxanne M.'s Testimonial

"Choosing trestique is choosing beauty with conscience. Their refillable system allows me to look good and feel good about reducing waste. It's not just makeup; it's a positive impact." - Roxanne M., Verified Buyer

Conclusion: trestique - Beauty with a Purpose

Vegan refillable makeup

In conclusion, trestique goes beyond cosmetics; it's a lifestyle, a commitment to beauty with purpose. Our refillable makeup revolution is not just about products; it's about choices shaping a sustainable and conscious future. Join us in redefining beauty, one refill at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I refill trestique makeup products?
    To refill your trestique makeup products, follow these simple steps: gently pull out the empty cartridge from your trestique product. Easily replace the empty cartridge with a new one by snapping it in securely. Remove the cream lid and recycle it along with the empty cartridge through Pact Collective.
  2. Can I recycle trestique refill containers?
    Yes, you can! trestique encourages responsible disposal through our collaboration with Pact Collective. After finishing your trestique products, keep your blue Forever Case and drop your empty trestique refills into a Pact recycling bin inside any Credo store in the US or Hudson’s Bay store in Canada. If you don't have access to a Pact bin, use our Pact mail-back recycling program, and they will handle it from there.
  3. Are trestique refills compatible with other brands?
    trestique refills are specifically designed for use with trestique products. They will not be compatible with other brands due to the custom molds created at trestique. We recommend using trestique refills with trestique products for the best results.
  4. Is Auto-refill commitment-free?
    Yes, trestique's Auto-refill program is commitment-free. Enjoy the flexibility to schedule automatic shipments, modify, pause, or cancel anytime according to your preferences. With Auto-refill, you never have to worry about running out of your favorite products, and you can save 25% on refills compared to full-size products.

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