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The only foundation makeup you'll ever need

The only foundation makeup you'll ever need

Whether your signature look is subtle no-makeup makeup or dramatic glam, foundation makeup is the key to every type of beauty look. Once you find the right one for you, there's no going back from your perfect match. There's nothing better than makeup that's multi-tasking (trust us, we know) and foundation makeup that doubles as skincare lets you reap the perfecting benefits, without upsetting your complexion.


Enter our double duty Foundation Stick: a buildable, skin-first foundation that feels like a second skin and helps to protect from the harmful effects of blue light. With a gliding velvety texture, the foundation makeup formula blurs and smoothes skin, while melting directly onto skin in application. This vegan foundation not only provides a medium coverage, radiant finish, but also protective and hydrating skincare benefits.

Hero Ingredients

Our Foundation Stick is infused with 3 main skincare-inspired ingredients that work hard to hydrate, plump and help protect the skin from blue light the skin: our proprietary Carrot Complex, Vitis Vita Actives and Hyaluronic Acid. You may be wondering what exactly these ingredients are and what they do, so let's get into it:

Carrot Complex

carrot complex

Blue light-induced skin damage comes from two sources: natural blue light (which is part of the sunlight) and artificial blue light that comes from electronic devices like your phone and laptop. Nature’s answer to blue light are carotenoids, which shield blue light and protect against blue-light induced oxidative stress in plants. Carotenoids are pigments that give color to plants and vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and more! Our carrot complex contains a blend of carrot root extract, carrot seed oil and beta-carotene (a type of carotenoid). 

When applied to the skin, our carrot complex works to protect the skin from direct and indirect blue light by acting as a defensive shield against blue light and reducing oxidative stress, which can lead to early aging of the skin. This complex also adds a touch of vividness to paler/and lighter skin tones while enhancing the natural tone of the skin.

Vitis Vita Actives

vitis vita actives

Vitis Vita is a sustainably-sourced active ingredient that is created from upcycling grape pomace from the process of making Italian wine. When it comes to making wine, approximately 75% of the whole grape production is utilized into winemaking, while 25% of the original grape weight is pomace (skin, seeds and stalks), which is a by-product. 

By-products may become a real burden to wine producers since they pose serious environmental concerns because their high organic matter content prevents direct disposal into the soil. This is where the beauty industry comes in! We use the grape pomace by-product to extract the active ingredient known as Vitis Vita. 

This vegan-friendly ingredient helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a younger-looking skin. Vitis Vita is known to have strong boosting effect on collagen production in your skin cells, resulting in a firmer, plumper complexion and improved skin moisture making it great foundation for mature skin.

Hyaluronic Acid

hyaluronic acid

A well known ingredient in the skincare industry, hyaluronic acid can boost skin’s moisture content, soothe, and defend against moisture loss. It is capable of holding up to 1,000 times its own weight in water, helping to reinforce the skin’s protective barrier, making it a great hydrator for all skin types.

find you shade match 

Get your perfect foundation shade match 

Now that you know all about our foundation makeup, let us take the guesswork out of finding your shade match. Our new Meet Your Match quiz will build your beauty routine featuring your most flattering shades yet. If you prefer a more guided approach, our team of experts is here to guide you to find your perfect shade match, product information or tips and tricks. Schedule a free video chat to discover your new, uncomplicated makeup routine.

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