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Trending Makeup Colors for Fall 2023

Trending Makeup Colors for FallSeasonal Makeup Trends

Seasonal makeup trends reflect the mood and essence of the times, capturing the spirit of each season. Fall, with its rich hues of reds and yellows and cozy ambiance, calls for makeup shades that complement its color story.

As the leaves turn golden and the air grows crisp, makeup enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the seasonal shift in beauty trends. Let's dive into the colors defining Fall 2023.

trestique: Revolutionizing Stick Makeup

Revolutionizing Stick Makeup

At the heart of every trend is a brand that understands the needs of its users. trestique, with its unique 2-in-1, stick-based cream-gel makeup products, has always prioritized convenience without compromising quality. Their commitment to sustainability, cruelty-free practices, and innovation makes them a favorite among makeup lovers.

Fall 2023 Trendy Makeup Colors:

Autumn's here, and its the perfect time to give your eye + lip makeup a seasonal twist. Think deep browns that remind you of your coziest sweater or copper tones that glisten in the moonlit sky.

Fancy a smoky eye? Try adding a hint of chocolate brown and diffusing it along your upper and lower lash line for sultry look. This season, dare yourself to try a new shade and dive deep into those autumn vibes.

The Season's Picks: Kona Shimmer, Belgium Truffle, Malibu Mauve, Sierra Sable.

This Fall, trestique is reintroducing four amazing shades perfect for the season. Whether you're into the sparkly vibes of Kona Shimmer or the grounded, earthy feel of Sierra Sable, there's something for everyone.

Kona Shimmer Shadow

Imagine a rustic brown that glimmers across your eyelids. That's the magic of Kona Shimmer, the perfect shadow fall color.Its multidimensional shimmer can elevate a simple daytime look to something ethereal. For evening events, consider layering Kona Shimmer over a darker base to add depth and drama. And here's a pro tip: dab a little on the inner corners of your eyes for an instant brightening effect. Whether brunch or a gala, Kona Shimmer adds that touch of luxe.

Why Kona Shimmer is Perfect for Fall

With its multidimensional shimmer, Kona Shimmer captures the transient beauty of autumn evenings. Its versatility ensures it complements both daytime casual and nighttime glam looks.

How to Apply Kona Shimmer for Maximum Impact

For a subtle impact, swipe the crayon lightly across the eyelids and blend using trestique's built-in blending brush. For a more intense look, layer the product and blend the edges for a seamless finish.

Belgium Truffle Shadow

Rich, indulgent, and utterly captivating, Belgium Truffle embodies the indulgence and depth of autumn.

Its creamy matte texture makes it perfect for a subtle day look, but it's versatile enough to be built up for evening drama. Pair it with a soft pink lip for daytime elegance or go bold with a deep burgundy lip for nighttime allure. And a quick tip: blend it outward, toward your temple, with the flick of your wrist to create an elongated effect on the eyes.

Pairing Belgium Truffle with Fall Outfits

This creamy matte shade pairs beautifully with earth-toned outfits. Think deep greens, burnt oranges, and taupe. It adds depth to the eyes, making them pop against the fall backdrop.

Application Tips for Belgium Truffle

Start with a clean base. Apply the crayon in a sweeping motion across the eyelid. Use the blending brush to soften the edges and create a smoky effect. For added drama, apply along the lower lash line and blend.

Malibu Mauve Lip Crayon

Consider this: A bite of a juicy, deep cherry – a soft, romantic glaze of a plum-based red. Add one layer to the lips for daytime and layer up to transform your lips for the nighttime. Leave a lasting impression with a shade that will have everyone taking a second look.

Why Malibu Mauve is a Must-Have This Season

The tones of the Lip Crayon are adaptable and can be paired with silver or gold tones. It’s plum-hue will brilliantly complement any fall backdrop. A crisp afternoon at a pumpkin patch or a fireside chat while roasting marshmallows.

Techniques for Malibu Mauve

Starting with the built-in primer, glide across the lips to create a smooth base. Next, add a layer of the Shiny Lip Crayon. If more color is desired, add another layer.

Sierra Sable Lip Crayon

Channeling the raw beauty of the earth, Sierra Sable is for those who find solace in nature's embrace. This shade is a tribute to those who prefer a neutral, clay-like tone on the lips. The comfortable Matte Lip Formula packs rich pigmentation without stripping your lips of moisture.

Complementing Sierra Sable with Other Makeup Products

Sierra Sable works beautifully with a soft-focus blush look and a volumized lashes. It's all about enhancing one's natural beauty. trestique's range offers a plethora of complementary products to complete the look.

Mastering the Sierra Sable Look

Using the pointed tip of the Lip Crayon, outline your preferred lip shape. Fill in for a velvety matte finish. To add a balmy, moisturized look: use the built-in balm and add one layer to the center of the top and bottom lip.

The Le Pak Makeup Bag

Our Le Pak Makeup Bag is more than just a carrying case; it's your new travel-companion. It can carry up to 10 full-size trestique crayons and fits in the palm of your hand. Made from one recycled plastic bottle, it's sustainable and designed to last, reducing waste and ensuring you always have your favorite shades on hand, wherever you go.


Fall 2023 is all about embracing the beauty of change, and with trestique's wide range of shades, you're set to do it in style. Whether you're a makeup novice or a seasoned pro, these shades are designed to elevate your look in just a few minutes. Here's to a season of beauty, transformation, and endless possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you might have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most common ones:

  1.  What are the fall makeup colors for 2023?
    The fall makeup colors for 2023 are characterized by rich, warm hues that echo the season's essence. Key shades include deep browns, sparkling golds, burgundy, rust, mauve, and bold oranges. Specific shades from trestique's collection we recommend are Kona Shimmer, Belgium Truffle, Malibu Mauve, and Sierra Sable.
  2. What are fall makeup looks?
    Fall makeup looks are inspired by the season's changing colors and cozy ambiance. They often incorporate warm, earthy tones and can range from subtle, neutral looks to more dramatic, smoky eyes. The emphasis is on capturing the warmth and depth of autumn, with shades that complement the season's fashion and mood.
  3. What are the fall eyeshadow trends for 2023?
    Fall eyeshadow trends for 2023 are all about depth and warmth. Popular looks include smoky eyes with hints of burgundy or rust, blending mauve with bold orange, and using multidimensional shimmers like Kona Shimmer. Earthy tones, such as the ones found in Belgium Truffle.
  4. What is the fall lip color trend in 2023?
    The fall lip color trend for 2023 leans towards deeper, richer shades. Think along the lines of deep burgundy, warm browns, and muted oranges. We recommend Malibu Mauve Prime + Shine Lip Crayon or Sierra Sable Matte Lip Crayon. Pairing these with the season's eyeshadow trends can create a harmonious and complete autumn look.
  5. What does autumn makeup look like in 2023?
    Autumn makeup in 2023 is a blend of traditional fall colors with a modern twist. While earthy tones remain a staple, there's an emphasis on multidimensional shimmers and blending unexpected colors, like mauve and orange, to create unique looks. The overall vibe is warm, cozy, and reflective of the season's spirit.

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