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How it works:

  • Take a selfie:Users start by taking a selfie in natural light. This will serve as the basis for the shade-matching process.

  • Analyze the photo:The Selfie Shade Match Ai feature then utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning technology to analyze the user's skin tone and undertones in the photo. It takes into account factors such as lighting, skin texture, and color variations.

  • Shade recommendation:Based on the analysis, the Selfie Shade Match technology will recommend a specific shade from trèStiQue's product range that will be the best match for the user's skin tone. This ensures that the makeup will blend seamlessly with the skin, providing a natural and flawless finish.

  • Purchase the recommended shade:Once the user receives their personalized shade recommendation, they can easily purchase the product directly from trestique's website or a retail partner.

Benefits of the Selfie Shade Match:

  1. Personalized experience: The Selfie Shade Match technology offers a customized and personalized makeup experience, ensuring that users find the perfect shade for their unique skin tone.
  2. Saves time and money: The feature eliminates the need for trial and error or in-store shade matching, saving users time and money on products that may not be the right fit.
  3. Accessible and easy to use: The Selfie Shade Match technology can be accessed through trestique's website or mobile app, making it convenient and user-friendly.
  4. Boosts confidence: By using the perfect shade, users can feel more confident in their makeup application and overall appearance.

Find Your Shade

In conclusion, trestique's Selfie Shade Match is a revolutionary feature that harnesses the power of technology to help users find their perfect makeup shade. This innovative solution not only enhances the makeup shopping experience but also empowers users to feel confident in their choice and the final look.

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