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trestique Ambassador Program

We’ve just launched a new ambassador program where you can earn 15% commission when your followers make a purchase on after clicking on your personalized ambassador links! That’s right, spread the word about refillable, clean beauty and earn a little extra cash for every purchase made.

Becoming one of the first trestique ambassadors is really easy. Simply click “Join Now” to sign up. Your request to join the program should be approved within 2-3 business days.

How it Works

Asked Questions

Let's break down the program even further.

Still have questions? Contact us at! Otherwise, we’re excited to have you be a part of our extended team as a trestique ambassador!

What is the trestique ambassador program?

The trestique Ambassador Program is an initiative that allows customers to earn a 15% commission by promoting trestique products. When you become an ambassador, you will be able to share personalized links with your followers. Ambassadors will earn a commission on all purchases made whenever your followers make a purchase after clicking on your links. It's so simple!

How do I sign up for the Ambassador Program?

If you're interested in becoming a trestique ambassador, you can sign up through the "Join Now" button above. Your request to join the program will be reviewed and should be approved within 2-3 business days.

Where can I share my ambassador link?

You can share your unique link on any platform where you have a following, including social media platforms, your personal blog, email newsletters, etc. You can even send it to your friends or peers via email or text!

How do I earn a commission as an ambassador?

Once you're approved as an ambassador, you'll get access to personalized links via your ambassador dashboard that you can copy, paste, and share with your followers. Any purchases made whenever your followers make a purchase after clicking on your links will earn you a 15% commission.

When commissions reach the minimum payout threshold ($50), ambassadors can have it direct deposited, sent via PayPal, etc. You can select your preferred payment method in the dashboard.

Can anyone become a trestique ambassador?

Yes! We're looking for individuals that are passionate about beauty and clean, sustainable products. Our mission is to cultivate a community that is dedicated to inspiring others through the world of simple, time-saving makeup.

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