"These [starlighters] are by far the most exquisite underrated highlighters. Or maybe not underrated but definitely deserves much more clout and appreciation. They are divine and can work on all age groups. They give high impact shine without accentuating texture. The lasting performance is impressive. I'm a nurse at an urgent care. They last a 16-hour flu season night." - Thank you @sjholt7182salinas

Name: Andrea Johnson
Comment: I love your product! It’s all right there at my fingertips in the gorgeous bag. Love the handle. The cream products have changed my beauty regimen. Stays in place. Beautiful colors. Couple minutes I’m out the door. It blew me away that you matched me perfect from a photo! Can’t wait to buy more! Thank you!

Name: Courtney Kern
Comment: I fell in love with trèStiQue a few years ago. I love the whole concept and it has become my favorite brand. I can honestly say I have loved everything I have from them... They have the colors and quality down to a science. The one thing I know is that we all have the same amount of hrs in a day and we can't get back time but TrèStiQue has literally cut my "getting ready" time in half... The packaging is beautiful!!! It's sleek, chic, and overall fabulous. Everything stays nice, with no leaks or spills, perfectly intact anywhere anytime. I pretty much never leave home without my go-to travel pack...Beauty makeup game changer - I simply love, love, love trèStiQue!!!!