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Beauty Meets AI: trestique's Simplified Makeup Innovation

Cover image - simplified makeupWelcome to trestique, your go-to destination for effortless beauty solutions that cater to your busy lifestyle. At trestique, we're committed to simplifying your everyday beauty routine while minimizing our environmental impact. Join us on a journey where beauty goes beyond the surface with sustainability, convenience and technology. 

Our commitment to you goes beyond providing high-quality, vegan makeup products. As a brand that sells strictly through an online store, we’ve been faced with some challenges. With challenges come big opportunities, and our team realized that there is a hurdle when it comes to browsing makeup online.

At the root of the problem was a solution – one that would eliminate the stress that comes with selecting accurate, yet flattering shades. In collaboration with Tangent AI, we developed our innovative Selfie Shade MatchIt’s a user-friendly quiz developed with AI to deliver shade recommendations to our full product line.

Tangent AI: Your Beauty Assistant

Beauty Assistant

Tangent AI provides assistance to you in understanding your skin tone and the best accompanying shades using their innovative selfie analysis. This means that when you shop with us, you're getting personalized recommendations that suit your unique skin-tone. All you have to do is take a quick selfie (one that won’t be shared to any third-party services), and everything you need, including perfectly matched shades, appears before your eyes. But we're not stopping there – we're continuously exploring AI solutions  to enhance your shopping experience further.

Future Developments: Tailored Just for You

Makeup and IA features

Our collaboration with Tangent AI is beneficial to shoppers given that it can successfully predict a full makeup routine for any user. This has greatly decreased the percentage of returns that a customer has to make upon receiving their products in the mail. For future innovations, we are considering the numerous attributes we can gather from these analyses. The idea is to use the technology available to us to more accurately introduce new concepts, product launches and shade extensions.

Loyal Shoppers - Deep Integration with Brand

Tangent's future focuses on deepening the bond with loyal shoppers like you. By harnessing first-party data, Tangent aims to empower brands, including trestique, in creating personalized interactions that foster lasting connections and elevate customer satisfaction. The data helps us internalize exactly what our customers look like as it relates to eye color, skin types and supporting characteristics. When developing concepts, shades and new products, we are able to use this data to launch products made for you. Building a deep connection with our community is at the core of who we are and what we aim to represent in the industry.

Simplifying Beauty Routines

Simplifying your makeup routine

In the dynamic landscape of technological advancement, we recognize the shift away from traditional methods such as cookies and third-party data. Associated risks with third-party data have been alleviated with first-party data. It has become the cornerstone of a more transparent and personalized approach. The future promises hyper-personalized experiences where brands like trestique leverage this data to create tailored interactions, making your beauty journey more unique and enjoyable.

At trestique, we're committed to simplifying beauty routines, embracing sustainability, and providing you with an unparalleled shopping experience. We understand that in the modern world, life moves at a fast pace, and you need beauty solutions that can keep up. From the shopping experience, to the receipt of the products and down to the application and blendability of the formulas – trestique was designed with a laser focus on delivering a solution. With its high-quality and innovative packaging, trestique offers a range of 2-in-1 vegan makeup crayons with built-in application tools, a true game-changer for the busy user on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How trestique uses AI to find the perfect shade?
    The Selfie Shade Match is an easy-to-use quiz that takes just a few minutes to complete. The process begins when the user uploads a selfie or image of a friend or relative they are shopping for. The AI analyzes the image to capture the user's skin tone and undertones. The AI quiz then asks a few questions regarding your personal makeup preferences to more accurately provide results. For example, you can select from a matte or shimmer shadow look or even a bold vs. natural lip. Once your perfect shade has been determined, the AI will ask which products you would like a shade match for.
  2. How to take a perfect selfie to get the best shade recommendation?
    Taking a clear selfie is crucial for getting the best shade recommendation from the trestique AI quiz. Adequate lighting is crucial, with natural light being the best option, so positioning yourself facing a window or outdoors is recommended. Select a plain background that won't detract from your facial features, such as a neutral-colored wall or a simple backdrop. Avoid using filters or editing tools on your selfie, as the AI relies on observing your natural skin tone and undertones for precise results. Ideally, take your selfie with little to no makeup to enable the AI to make a more accurate determination of your unique skin characteristics.
  3. How does trestique ensure the AI quiz respects user privacy and data security during the Selfie Shade Match process?
    At trestique, your privacy and data security are paramount. When you use the Selfie Shade Match AI quiz, the uploaded selfies are not shared with any third-party services. The AI only analyzes the image for skin tone and undertones to make shade recommendations. Your personal data and preferences are used solely for enhancing your shopping experience. trestique is committed to maintaining the highest standards of privacy and data protection to ensure a safe and secure shopping process.

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