An Interview with Rugie & Effie, Co-Founders of Reflorish

It's International Women's Day! Here at tréStiQue, we are so inspired by all women, from business owners to mothers to go-getters. In honor of today, we are spotlighting female entrepreneurs who inspire us with their intelligence, tenacity & creativity: meet Rugie & Effie, Co-Founders of Reflorish.



Read her interview below on what it takes to be a female entrepreneur & her advice for the new generation of female innovators and business owners!


tréStiQue: What is one of your proudest accomplishments in your career?

Rugie & Effie: Our floral career is really just getting started but seeing Reflorish grow from a small idea to a budding community has made us extremely proud and excited for what's to come.


tréStiQue: Is there an example from your career where you learned how to fix a mistake, overcome a hurdle or pivot to turn it something that was challenging into a positive experience?

Rugie & Effie: We learned how to pivot during our first event. Before we knew the ins and outs of the floral market, we thought they would be open 7 days a week. Turns out they're closed on Sundays and we just so happened to have a dinner that evening. This led us to Michael's, Trader Joe's, and other local flower shops to pick up whatever stems we could find to make something work. And luckily for us, it turned out to be beautiful.


tréStiQue: Is there a woman that has been a mentor or inspiration to you throughout your career?

Rugie & Effie: Bryony & Genieve have both served as mentors to us throughout this time. We met them by chance and the relationship has continued to grow since then. They are always more than willing to share their time & resources with us – which is extremely necessary for this industry.


tréStiQue: Do you have advice for young women getting started in their career?

Rugie & Effie: Don't be afraid to ask for what you deserve and always remember that there is always someone who will need your support along their own journey

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