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How My Mom's Beauty Routine Has Inspired My Own

Introduction - Embracing My Mother's Beauty Wisdom

Makeup and beauty trends have changed exponentially throughout the last decade. Still, my mom's beauty routine has always remained present. As I grew up, I observed and admired the values she embraced and the way she wielded her makeup brush like a magic wand. I'm proud to follow in her footsteps, supported by trestique – a cosmetics brand that mirrors my beliefs in sustainability and cruelty-free products and my mom’s love of makeup. Her teachings laid the foundation for my own beauty journey, and the tips she taught me will always hold a special place in my heart.

Today, I am trestique’s leading Beauty Expert and I’m thrilled to have a platform to share my knowledge with you.

Embracing My Mother's Beauty Wisdom

Early memories of Mom's beauty routine

Mother-daughter bonding through makeup has always been a cherished aspect of our relationship. Sharing our passion for beauty has allowed us to connect on a deeper level and create lasting memories. 

Some of my earliest memories of Mom's beauty routine are filled with fascination and admiration. From a young age, I would watch my mom as she meticulously applied her makeup, each stroke transforming her face into a mesmerizing masterpiece. Her beauty tips fall into two main categories:

Skincare – the bedrock of beauty: My mom instilled in me the significance of a personalized skincare regimen - the cornerstone for radiant skin and flawless makeup application.

Makeup – a conduit for confidence: Observing my mom, I discerned how makeup could accentuate her natural beauty, bolster her confidence, and leave her feeling poised to conquer the day.

Mom's makeup essentials

Mom's makeup essentials

Mom's makeup essentials were a carefully curated selection of products that served to enhance her natural beauty for a subtle boost of confidence. These key items were always present in her makeup bag, and they played a significant role in shaping my understanding of what a well-rounded beauty routine should include.

Foundation or Tinted Moisturizer: My mom's preferred base was a lightweight foundation that provided a natural coverage, just enough to even out her complexion – preparing a blank slate for the rest of the products. For stubborn areas, pat the foundation in place instead of blending in swiping motions. This keeps the coverage exactly where you need it!

Blush or Bronzer: She always insisted on adding a hint of blush or bronzer to bring dimension and color back into her face. Mom always blended her cheek products up to the top of her ears to add a “lift.”

Eyeliner: A subtle stroke of eyeliner lent definition to her eyes and added depth to her overall makeup. This is also a great way to turn a day look into a night look. Simply add a second layer of liner and smoke out upwards to add drama and a cat-eye look.

Mascara: Her secret weapon was always her eyelashes. A flirty bat of the lashes can do a lot! She started by curling her lashes – followed by a coat or two of mascara. This adds length and volume to any eye look.

Lipstick or Lip Gloss: A glossy or balmy look for a girl-next-door look or a matte lipstick for a bold statement.

Eyebrow Pencil: Mom had VERY sparse brows (the result of over-plucking during her teenage years). So, she always made sure to apply at the very least some brow gel to add subtle framing. On full-glam days she used a Brow Pencil to add structure and definition followed by setting the brows in place with Brow Gel.

The Essential 8 Set - Build Your Kit

Key Lessons from Mom's beauty routine

My mom's beauty routine was not just about makeup application, but also about the importance of skincare. I learned that it didn’t matter how “good” the makeup I was buying was. Makeup is only as good as the care you provide your skin with! Who would have thought? 

  • Less is more: Mom always reassured me of my natural beauty. She insisted that makeup is meant to enhance – not restructure. With just a couple gentle swipes you can make all the difference.
  • Quality trumps quantity: Having a minimalistic approach to your regimen is a great way to save money and minimize your carbon footprint. I also realized that I was buying products because they worked for other people. I realized that while someone might need redness reduction, I rather focus on minimizing pores, etc. Invest in products that work for YOU!
  • Skincare – the unsung hero: A solid skincare regimen lays the groundwork for immaculate makeup application and youthful skin.
  • Eco-friendly and cruelty-free products: My mom believed in using products that have multiple uses and are formulated with good ingredients. When I found out about trestique, I couldn’t wait to share it with my mom.

trestique's products and Mom's influence

The lessons I learned from my mom's beauty routine and her approach to makeup have seamlessly aligned with the values and offerings of trestique, a cosmetics brand that values a woman’s natural, timeless beauty through ever-changing beauty standards in the media. They stand for simplicity, sustainability, clean, and cruelty-free products. 

  • trestique's makeup sticks – convenience and ease of use: With their sleek, 2-in-1 design and simple application, trestique's makeup sticks have brought a new level of convenience to our beauty routines, allowing busy folks like my mom and me to achieve a polished look with ease.
  • Sustainable packaging and refillable products: trestique's dedication to smart, sustainable beauty has allowed my mom and I to switch over to refillable, eco-forward products. We have been able to cut back on single-use packaging by a LOT.
  • TSA-approved and travel-friendly makeup: Traveling with makeup has never been easier, thanks to trestique's TSA-approved products, ensuring that we can maintain our beauty routines wherever our journeys take us.
  • Vegan and cruelty-free products: In keeping with my mom's beliefs, trestique is devoted to crafting vegan and cruelty-free products, allowing us to look and feel good with the products we choose to add to our routine.

Adapting Mom's beauty routine to modern life

Adapting Mom's beauty routine to modern life has been a rewarding experience. I've been able to incorporate contemporary products and techniques that complement and enhance her timeless approach to beauty.

Adapting Mom's beauty routine to modern life

  • Quick and easy makeup application for busy lifestyles: trestique's innovative makeup products have enabled us to adapt my mom's beauty routine to our fast-paced lives, ensuring that even on the busiest days, we can achieve a stunning look in no time.
  • On-the-go makeup touch-ups: trestique's portable makeup sticks make it a breeze to touch up our makeup throughout the day, so we can freshen up our look for the night after a long day at work.
  • Versatile makeup products for multiple purposes: The multi-functional nature of trestique's makeup products helps streamline our beauty routines, enabling us to create various looks with fewer items. For example, I love using the Matte Lip Crayon on my lips and dabbing some on my cheeks for a high-fashion flush.
  • Embracing natural beauty and enhancing features: Taking a cue from my mom's "less is more" philosophy, trestique's makeup products empower us to celebrate our natural beauty while subtly accentuating our best features.

Transitioning to trestique's makeup products

transitioning to trestique's makeup products has allowed me to maintain the essence of my beauty routine while enjoying the benefits of a modern and eco-conscious cosmetics brand. The high-quality, sustainable, and cruelty-free products offered by trestique have seamlessly changed my routine from a high-stakes, 30-minute endeavor to a seamless 5-minute apply & go sashay.

  • Essential 8 - a complete makeup routine in a compact kit: I first found out about trestique through their Essential 8. This all-in-one kit simplifies every step of the makeup journey by providing all the necessary products for a complete look in one compact kit which includes a makeup bag the size of a standard cupholder!
  • Personal experience with trestique products: As I started using trestique's products, I quickly noticed their high quality and ease of use, making me appreciate their commitment to creating exceptional makeup that aligns with my mom's teachings. The packaging is so chic and sturdy – I would have never thought it’s made from recycled materials.

Teaching Mom about trestique

Teaching Mom about trestique

Mom taught me all I need to know about makeup – now, it’s my turn to educate her on the value of sustainability. trestique has found a way to adapt their cream-gel formulas into sustainable packaging that is sourced for a better tomorrow. As I introduced her to this innovative cosmetics brand, I focused on the aspects I knew would resonate with her values and preferences:

  • Introducing Mom to sustainable makeup options: When I discovered trestique, I couldn't wait to introduce my mom to their sustainable makeup products and how each product has a built-in sponge or brush to aid with the application. 
  • Sharing trestique's values and mission: I was excited to share trestique's commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and cruelty-free beauty with my mom, knowing that she would appreciate their mission as much as I do.
  • Mom's reaction to trestique products: Upon trying trestique's makeup products, my mom was impressed with their quality, ease of use, and the convenience they added to her beauty routine. The best part? She didn’t need to go out and buy new brushes to apply the products with. It’s all right there for her in one compact makeup kit.  


Reflecting on my mom's influence on my beauty routine, I'm grateful for the tips she taught me growing up. Embracing trestique's commitment to sustainable, cruelty-free beauty has not only allowed me to honor my mom's teachings but also to adapt them to the modern world. We continue to learn, grow, and bond over our shared love for makeup and trestique's innovative products. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What makes trestique's makeup products unique?
    trestique's makeup products are designed for easy application, travel-friendly packaging, and multi-functionality. Their commitment to sustainability, eco-friendliness, and cruelty-free practices sets them apart in the beauty industry.
  2. How does trestique contribute to sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the beauty industry?
    trestique uses Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to create their refillable packaging. This has significantly reduced the amount of virgin plastic used when creating the makeup crayons. Additionally, the crayons are designed to be endlessly refillable, so you can reduce the amount of single-use products in your everyday lifestyle. They value high-quality, eco-friendly ingredients in their makeup formulations.
  3. Are trestique's products suitable for all skin types?
    Yes, trestique's products are formulated with skin-loving ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. However, it's always recommended to patch-test any new product before using it on your face.
  4. How can I transition to using eco-friendly and cruelty-free makeup products?
    Start by researching and educating yourself on eco-friendly and cruelty-free brands like trestique. Gradually replace your current makeup products with sustainable options as they run out.
  5. Can trestique's makeup products be used for a full makeup routine?
    Absolutely! trestique offers a range of makeup products, including their Essential 8, which provides all the necessary items for a complete makeup routine in one compact kit.
  6. How do I find the right trestique products for my skin tone and needs?
    trestique's website offers resources, including shade finders and product guides, to help you find the perfect products for your skin tone and makeup preferences.
  7. What are the benefits of using trestique's refillable makeup products?
    Refillable makeup products help reduce waste and are more environmentally friendly. By choosing trestique's refillable options, you contribute to a more sustainable future while still enjoying high-quality makeup products.

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