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Sustainability Meets Beauty: trestique's Refill Revolution

Sustainability Meets Beauty: trestique's Refill Revolution

When it comes to consumption, consumers are increasingly seeking out sustainable and eco-friendly options. trestique was founded on the sole mission to simplify the over-complicated beauty products offered on the market. Social responsibility and sustainability became a recurring discussion when it came to trestique’s next steps. In 2021, trestique relaunched their 2-in-1 cream-gel products.  The relaunch focused on the new, refillable packaging. Making it possible for users to part ways with single-use packaging. Now, offering innovative and sustainable beauty solutions that prioritize both the environment and customers' needs. Let’s explore the sustainability movement within the beauty industry and how trestique's refill revolution is leading the way.

The Evolution of Beauty Industry Towards Sustainability

Historical Perspective: The Beauty Industry and the Environment

Historical Perspective: The Beauty Industry and the Environment

Historically, the beauty industry has been known for its excessive use of plastic packaging and non-biodegradable materials, leading to a significant environmental impact. Women all over the world have at least 1-5 beauty products in their possession. Those who adore makeup might have 1-5 products in each category (lipstick, eyeliner, blush, etc). That’s a lot of single-use packaging! Over the years, there has been a shift in consumer awareness and demand for more sustainable and eco-friendly options. This shift has encouraged many brands to reevaluate their practices and adopt greener initiatives.

Current Trends: The Rising Demand for Eco-friendly Beauty Products

The demand for sustainable beauty products has skyrocketed in recent years. Consumers are now more conscious of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions and actively seek brands that align with their values. This trend has led to a surge in eco-friendly beauty options, with many brands adopting sustainable packaging, clean ingredients, and cruelty-free practices.

Challenges: Balancing Product Quality and Sustainability

Challenges: Balancing Product Quality and Sustainability

One of the main challenges for beauty brands looking to embrace sustainability is striking the right balance between product quality and environmental impact. It can be difficult to maintain the high performance and aesthetic appeal of beauty products while using sustainable materials and processes. However, innovative brands like trestique are successfully navigating this challenge by developing eco-friendly beauty products without compromising on quality. The high-performance formulas have remained true to their blueprint throughout trestique’s journey. When trestique first launched in 2015, the products were encased in black, magnetic packaging. Now, trestique offers the same clean, vegan, and cruelty-free formulas in refillable packaging made from PCR materials. The best part? They partnered with Pact Collective to encourage users to recycle their old makeup empties.

The Role of trestique in the Sustainable Beauty Movement

The trestique Story: Their Commitment to Sustainability

The trestique Story: Their Commitment to Sustainability

Leaders in sustainability, trestique introduces the first-ever zero-waste refillable system to the beauty industry. Developed through the 360° lens of sustainability—from sourcing and materials to manufacturing and packaging.

trestique’s packaging has the highest levels of post-consumer and post-industrial recycled materials that technology allows. They have reduced the amount of virgin plastic used in their packaging by more than 90%. The whole product line was made with an average of 86% recycled materials (the highest in the beauty industry).

As a brand, they aim to reduce our carbon impact in every way possible. All trestique products are carbon neutral, which means they offset each product’s carbon footprint (including shipping) individually.

trestique uses FSC-certified paper and soy-based ink for all of their cartons and consumer mailers. This paper comes from responsibly-managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits to their communities and is 100% recyclable.

Virgin Plastic Usage: Breaking it Down Further

trestique mastered simplicity and high-performance makeup but can they tackle the ever-growing plastic industry? Plastic is at the forefront of most components consumed by humans today. Walk down a grocery store aisle and look around. It’s an unfortunate reality but trestique knew they could make changes to alleviate the virgin plastic usage. Their new, navy “Forever Cases” are made with 87% post-consumer recycled materials (PCR). This was the effect of reducing virgin plastic use in their packaging by about 90%.

trestique Products: Combining Beauty and Sustainability

trestique Products: Combining Beauty and Sustainability

trestique offers a range of beauty products that are designed to be both sustainable and high-performing. The innovative refillable packaging system allows customers to replace their empty product components with new refills, reducing plastic waste and promoting a more circular approach to beauty. In addition, the products are formulated with clean, high-quality ingredients and are cruelty-free, further demonstrating trestique’s commitment to a greener earth. 

Future Goals: Aiming for a Greener Beauty Industry

As a brand, trestique is dedicated to constantly improving and evolving their sustainability efforts. From the formulas to the packaging and even taking into account the carbon emissions from shipping packages. Everything from top to bottom is done through a lens of sustainability. Their goal is to inspire and lead bigger brands in the beauty industry toward a greener future, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in sustainability when it comes to beauty innovation. They are committed to exploring new partnerships, materials, ingredients, technologies, and practices that can further reduce their environmental footprint and help their customers make more sustainable choices.

Introducing the Refill Revolution

Introducing the Refill Revolution

Concept: Understanding the Refill Revolution

The refill revolution is a movement towards replacing single-use beauty products with refillable alternatives. Instead of discarding the entire product packaging once the product is used up, consumers can simply replace the used component with a new refill. Then, through the Pact Collective program at trestique, they can take all their used-up packaging and ship it to be upcycled. This approach significantly reduces plastic waste, educates consumers, and promotes a more circular economy in the beauty industry.

Implementation: How trestique is Driving the Refill Revolution

trestique is at the forefront of the refill revolution with their innovative refillable beauty system. Not only does this reduce plastic waste, but it also offers their customers a cost-effective and convenient way to continue using their favorite trestique products. A big economic plus is that refills are more affordable than buying a whole new product, making it a win-win for both the environment and your wallet.

Benefits: The Environmental and Cost Advantages of Refillable Products

trestique’s refillable beauty products offer numerous environmental and cost advantages. From an environmental perspective, they reduce the use of virgin plastic by about 90% and they are fully recyclable, so that the packaging never ends up in our landfills or oceans. This, as well as offsetting the carbon emissions from shipping leads to a greener you! From a cost perspective, refills are a huge advantage. You see, when you buy the full-size product you are also paying for the navy Forever Case, the original refill cartridge and the built-in sponge. When you finish your original refill cartridge, you just purchase the refill! For example, a full-size Foundation Stick from trestique costs $30. But, after buying the full-size once you never have to replace it again. The Foundation Stick Refill costs $22.50. That 25% in savings!

Impact of trestique's Refill Revolution

Impact of Trestique's Refill Revolution

On Consumers: Encouraging Sustainable Beauty Routines

trestique's refill revolution is making it easier for consumers to adopt a sustainable beauty routine. By offering refillable alternatives to traditional single-use beauty products, they are empowering consumers to make more eco-friendly choices without compromising on product quality or convenience.

On the Environment: Reducing Plastic Waste and Carbon Footprint

The trestique refillable beauty system significantly reduces the use of virgin plastic and its overall carbon footprint. The recycling program enables old empty packaging to be repurposed into new products. Aside from its refillable products, trestique is certified Carbon Neutral by CarbonFund. CarbonFund calculates carbon emissions through a life cycle assessment. The analysis of the environmental impact considers raw materials, fuel consumed, and the carbon emissions produced at every stage of the product’s life cycle. This, and replacing single-use product components with refills, promotes a more circular approach to beauty and contributes to a more sustainable future for our planet.

On the Industry: Inspiring Other Brands to Join the Revolution

trestique believes that every brand has a role to play in making the beauty industry more sustainable. Through the refill revolution, trestique hopes to inspire other brands to rethink their packaging practices and join the movement toward refillable beauty. It’s also a great way to be innovative and push boundaries within ourselves.

Joining the trestique Refill Revolution: A How-to Guide

Joining the trestique Refill Revolution: A How-to Guide

Step 1: Choosing Your trestique Refillable Products

Joining the trestique refill revolution is simple. Start by exploring the product line of refillable beauty products and choose the ones that best suit your needs. Whether you're looking for a new lipstick, concealer, or brow pencil, they are sure to have a refillable option for you. Did we mention all products are 2-in-1 and TSA-approved?

Step 2: Using and Loving Your Products

Once you have your trestique refillable products, it's time to start using and loving them. You'll find that trestique products offer the same high-quality performance and beautiful finishes as traditional beauty products but with the added benefit of being more sustainable and clean.

Step 3: Refilling Your Products - The Simple Process

When your product runs out, simply pull off the cream-colored cartridge that reads “I’M REFILLABLE” and replace it with a new refill. It's a simple, quick, and convenient process that reduces waste and saves you money. Click here to learn how to refill.

Conclusion: Beauty, Sustainability, and You: Embrace the trestique Refill Revolution

Beauty, Sustainability, and You: Embrace the Trestique Refill Revolution

Sustainability and beauty can absolutely co-exist. trestique's refill revolution is a testament to this, offering high-quality, sustainable beauty products that are good for both you and the planet. By embracing refillable beauty, you are reducing your environmental impact and joining a movement shaping the future of the beauty industry. Together, we can make a difference and create a more sustainable world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What Makes trestique's Products Sustainable?
    trestique's products are sustainable due to their commitment to refillable packaging, clean ingredients, and eco-friendly processes. trestique’s unique refill system reduces waste and promotes a more circular approach to beauty.
  2. How Do I Refill My trestique Products?
    Refilling your trestique products is easy. Simply pull off the used product component and replace it with a new refill. Visit the "How to Refill" page for more detailed instructions.
  3. What If I'm New to Refillable Beauty Products?
    If you're new to refillable beauty products, don't worry! trestique makes the transition easy with their user-friendly refill system and helpful customer support team. Plus, you'll be positively impacting the environment by reducing waste.
  4. How Is trestique's Refill Revolution Changing the Beauty Industry?
    trestique's refill revolution is leading the way towards a more sustainable beauty industry. By offering refillable alternatives to traditional single-use beauty products, they are inspiring other brands to adopt similar practices and consumers to make more eco-friendly choices. They are also educating their customers and followers on social media about the importance of making eco-friendly choices. Every little bit counts!
  5. Why Should I Choose trestique's Sustainable Beauty Products?
    Choosing trestique's sustainable beauty products means choosing high-quality, high-performing products that also prioritize the environment. Their innovative refill system, clean ingredients, and commitment to sustainability set them apart in the beauty industry and make them a top choice for eco-conscious consumers.

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