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Makeup and beauty trends have changed exponentially throughout the last decade. Still, my mom's beauty routine has always remained present. As I grew up, I observed and admired the values she embraced and the way she wielded her makeup brush like a magic wand. I'm proud to follow in her footsteps, supported by trestique – a cosmetics brand that mirrors my beliefs in sustainability and cruelty-free products and my mom’s love of makeup. Her teachings laid the foundation for my own beauty journey, and the tips she taught me will always hold a special place in my heart.
Shopping online feels as refreshing as an icy cold drink on a hot summer day – that is, until it’s time to pick out your makeup shades. trestique values easy-to-use makeup products that are sustainable and fit for those who are always on the go. With 11 products in the lineup and over 50 shades to select from, trestique developed the tool you need for a perfect shade match every time.

Earth Week is here, and we want to encourage and educate you on how you can make a change as soon as…Right now! Earth Week is an annual event where individuals, organizations, and communities join forces to raise awareness and take action toward a greener tomorrow. Zero Waste!

With many brands and products in the makeup market, it’s hard to differentiate between them. This could make it nearly impossible to find the correct products for you and your lifestyle. 
As Spring Break approaches, it's time to start planning for your trip. If you're a makeup lover, you know that packing your makeup bag can be a bit overwhelming, especially when you're flying. 
Find your perfect makeup routine with trestique's Foundation Shade Finder Quiz. Get personalized product recommendations by sharing your interests and a selfie. 
Whether your signature look is subtle no-makeup makeup or dramatic glam, foundation makeup is the key to every type of beauty look.
Finding the perfect wedding makeup look for your big day can be hard. We’ve got you covered with a look book of trestique-inspired spring and summer wedding makeup looks for every kind of bride, to inspire you
With our user-friendly tutorial, you'll learn all the tricks you need to get a just-right wash of buildable color.

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