Women We Love: Kristin McGee

Kristin McGee is all about beauty. For her, beauty starts from the inside out and health is the top priority. With over 57,000 followers, her Instagram account has become one of the go-to destinations for the kind of inspiring, but relatable content that makes living a healthy lifestyle feel achievable.

A top yogi, she’s inspired men and women to strike a pose wherever they are; whether that’s sitting on the subway on the way to work, or at a desk, all of which you’ll find in her top-selling book, Chair Yoga: Sit, Stretch and Strengthen Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You

Read on to discover Kristin’s top tips for sticking to a wellness routine in the midst of a busy schedule (she has two twin boys – busy is an understatement!), why she adheres to a less is more approach with her makeup and why she refuses to leave the house without using our Define, Sculpt & Set Brow Pencil.


What sparked your love of yoga and Pilates?

I started practicing yoga and Pilates in the early 90s when I moved to New York and started going to NYU. I was a theater major and we were using it as warm up. I was athletic growing up. I came between two older brothers and one younger brother. We lived in Idaho so we grew up playing tennis, skiing, hiking and cycling – you name it.

What do you enjoy most about Pilates and Yoga? Do you find they complement each other?

I love the mind-body connection that yoga and Pilates can give you. It completely centers me and keeps me focused. It is such a meditative practice. Pilates helps me stay stable in my yoga postures and helps with flexibility. Yoga helps me get deeper into my core in my Pilates sessions.

How has your practice changed your perspective on life?

They have really allowed me to find my own center and core, which has translated into my core values too. It’s taught me how to stand on two feet, stay open in the moment, get grounded in the present and truly appreciate everything about myself and others.

Any tips to help us manage stress?

Always take deep full breaths when in doubt workout exercise is one of the best stress reducers I know.

What about quieting our minds before bed?

- Trying to find a quiet space to sit and watch your breath before you go to bed

- Make a cup of tea

- Invest in some nice essential oils

- Turn off your electronics and read a book or write in a journal or snuggle someone you love

      Any tips on how to stick to a workout routine?

      I always say a downward dog a day keeps the doctor away. People think they have to do a very long work out or something formal like going to the gym when in reality, as long as you make your lifestyle active you will always get exercise and you will stay in shape. It’s simple things like walking to work or incorporating your kids into workouts like I do with my twin babies. It also helps to schedule exercise in. I make sure to put something on the calendar at least once a week so I know that I’m getting a good workout in.

      You have three boys under three including your twins. How do you find time to do manage work, family and your own fitness practice too?

      I let the boys work out with me or I will do something while they’re all entertaining themselves. I also have scheduled work out times for myself when I have a nanny and my son is at school. I just make it a priority to book a Pilates session with one of my mentors or go to one of my favorite yoga classes otherwise I will never do it.

      Your new book, Chair Yoga gives lots of poses that can be done anywhere. What are some of your favorites?

      I love eagle arms because it is so good for setting up the shoulders and upper back and all of us get stiff there. I also love goddess side bend – it really opens the hips, inner thighs and waist. And I love doing a downward dog using the back of the chair too.

      What are your top 3 favorite fitness tips?

      - Move every day

      - Plank is your best friend

      - Flexibility is the key to longevity

            How would you describe your beauty style?

            It has always been super natural. I am definitely a less is more type person and I think it’s evolved over the years. I’ve just been able to refine it more and accent the places on my face that really stand out while leaving the rest to be. As a mom, I don’t have near as much time to care about my beauty routine so I just do the top things that are the most important: brows, concealer, a great lipstick and curled lashes.

            What is your no-fail trick to looking bright-eyed, awake and camera-ready, even when you’re feeling exhausted?

            I like to pinch my cheeks. I keep a little rollerball of this anti-aging lip treatment in my fridge and roll it around my eyes. It’s cool and really brightens me up. I also use the trèStiQue Concealer Crayon and Brow Pencil because I feel like when my eyebrows are done, it makes me look and feel better.

            What are some of the trèStiQue products you find yourself turning back to?

            I can’t live without the Florence Fig Lip Crayon. I carry it with me everywhere. I also love the Highlight Stick, Concealer Crayon and the Brow Pencil.

            What beauty mantra do you swear by?

            Always wear sunscreen no matter what.

            Who are some of your beauty icons?

            I’m a big fan of Sienna Miller. I think she is beautiful and has a very natural look and style. I’m also a fan of Christie Brinkley. She’s aged really well and kept in amazing shape. I like Naomi Watts too. I think she has also been great about staying out of the sun. I love women who age naturally without doing too many crazy things to their face.

            Any beauty hacks for regular gym-goers?

            Find a good sweat proof sunscreen and carry a spritz sunscreen to reapply after you work out. Dry shampoo your hair before a workout to absorb the grease where you put your ponytail so you don’t rip your hair. And only apply mascara to your top lashes otherwise you get raccoon face.

            We’re all about helping women put their best foot forward through beauty. When do you feel the most confident and beautiful from the outside in?

            When I am active, when I am true to myself and when I am with my children.

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