Behind the Stick | Episode 24: Get Ready With Us Holiday Edition!

For this episode of Behind The Sticks, let's get ready together! Jenn Kapahi, trèStiQue Founder, is here to show us how she gets ready for the holidays. Whether you’re staying in or zoom partying with friends, this tutorial will be sure to make you holiday makeup merry + bright! Using our new Cream Matte Shadow Crayons, we're going to create a bold (but simple) smoky eye look! Follow along with the video and read on below for her full tutorial!


    1. Take our Cream Matte Shadow Crayon in Mojave Sand and even out your eyelid or use it to create a base for the other eyeshadows. Use the built-in brush to blend it in! (Tip: these eyeshadows have about 10 seconds of playtime before they set, so be sure to blend in quickly!)
    2. Using our Cream Matte Shadow Crayon in Porto Purple as an eyeliner, line your top lash line.
    3. Then starting on the outer edge of your crease, (using the Porto Purple shade again) draw a line following the curve of your crease. Blend with the brush to smoke it out!
    4. To amp up the look, take the Cream Matte Shadow Crayon in Belgium Truffle and use as an eyeliner on your bottom waterline and outer corner of the eyes and blend to add definition.
    5. To get a more precise line, use our Eye Pencil in Swiss Chocolate and go over the areas where you added Belgium Truffle and also apply it to the upper lash line.
    6. To top off the look, I use our Good Vibes Mascara. Curling the lash first (with the built-in half-curler), I apply mascara to the root of my lashes and wiggle upwards to coat the lashers. You can also hold the wand vertically to separate each lash!


      For the rest of my look I used my Essential Mix Routine, which consists of our Highlight Stick, Bronzer Stick, Concealer Crayon, Brow Pencil and Lip Glaze (in Paris Pink, my favorite shade!). And that's my easy holiday look! 


      What's your favorite eye look for the holiday? Let us know in the comments! Don't forget to subscribe to our email newsletters for more BTS content! Looking to build your own custom makeup routine? We got you covered with Essential Mix. You can also schedule an appointment with our beauty experts to help you choose your perfect shades for the products you want and give you a tutorial on how to use them

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